Do not read, your fate awaits.
Do not read, your fate awaits. scary stories

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DO NOT READ if you want to live. But do read if you want to die a slow and painful death...

Do not read, your fate awaits.

I see you've started. Now you may not stop. Read all of this, but you will be horrified. Now, I must tell you something. I just wanted to let you know that you are in grave, grave danger.

You are going to die. Soon. Not just when you grow old. If you're reading this to be freaked out, because you think it's fake, then you're wrong.

Dead wrong.

It's real. They are there. They exist.

They will take you in your sleep, to an unimaginably wonderful place. Or so you think. they will entertain you, amuse you, humor you. Take you wherever you want to go.

I thought it was a blessing. But it was a curse. You are never going to sleep again, I hope. They will torture you when you sleep, take you to this place, help you, then hurt you.

And eventually kill you.

They let me warn just one more person, but I shared this with everyone. I'm going to go be executed. I must die a slow and painful death.

I must go.

But let me say one more thing. When you sleep, you will find out, that they're in your pillows and sheets and your closet. Hide from all beds. Run. Far, far away.

(clanging, banging, yelling, screaming, thud) (evil laughter.) See you soon...

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