Metaverse change the future?

Metaverse  change the future? future stories
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luclfer Flame can't hurt me anymore
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Metaverse change the future?

Do you believe in multiverse? Maybe or may not be. But you all know metaverse is real.

Lately we are quite familiar with the word metaverse. Do you think that it effect our everyday lives and make some impacts?

Its a virtual ambience. The internet in three dimensions More like a parallel universe.

Although the metaverse is still developing, there are many different types of metaverses. Virtual teleportation, study, socialise, attend concerts and even do business

All that is required for people to enter the zone with their avatars. There are a lot of cool things about the Metaverse, such as hanging out with friends that live in different places

Well it's going to be a big thing soon Really? Everything have bad side and good side like yin and yang.

What will happen to real world if we all engaged in the virtual world? It will collapse eventually. So a balance is necessary.

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