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After a long time, today she saw her ex-boyfriend, who always texting her like," You are the only one in my mind, and today onwards I will become a better person,.. What mistake I did to you??" After hearing his word, she laughs in her mind, "today onwards ... What did you do, right???".


After a long time, today she saw her ex-boyfriend, who always texting her like," You are the only one in my mind, and today onwards I will become a better person,.. What mistake I did to you??"

After hearing his word, she laughs in her mind, "today onwards ... What did you do, right???".

Suddenly, she remembered the time when she was in pain, and life after removing him from her heart...

Now she is regretting her decision of dropping her dreams just to make him happy...

Before five years, when she started her relationship with him, her mind is full of him ... for her, he is her world...

She even tried to forget her parents and her best friend who she always prayed to... At that time, she felt like no one ever loved her like him....

so at that time whatever he told her to do, she accepted it without any hesitations...

He didn't even support her for anything she did...To him, whatever she has done are mistakes...So he corrected her by advising her, this is all for her good future.

She madly believed him whatever he said. Even though her parents didn't agree to continue her relationship with him, she ignored their words.

Back to her college, when she was studying as a degree student, whenever her friends see her at that time, they felt like she was in the other world.

Yeah, she is in the world of love where restrictions were the king. But she never even tried to understand what is the meaning of love when she was madly in love with him.

He didn't like her talking like a baby in front of any other person. When he was with her, she was afraid to speak up.

Whenever she seeks permission to wear the dress she mostly likes, he insulted her body shape. So she hated her body, her ugly face, and also her voice.

She dropped her dreams to study abroad just to give him support.

She is always there for him whenever he need help, when he was sad she is with him when he needs financial support she is with him, when he feels empty and alone she is also there for him.

She doesn't expect anything in return while giving him her support. She only expects him to love and respect the way she does.

When she realized she loses all the best moments from her college and loses all her favorite people from her life, she slowly came back from her imaginative world to reality.

From that moment, she started to observe other's life, she watches all the lovers and tried to understand how they love.

She was surprised to see their mutual understandings and respect towards their partner's decisions and their privacy. For her, it was new lessons.

After that, she understood this is not happens in her life. So she started fighting for her needs.

It all starts from there, she first fights for wearing the dresses she like most, and again she fights for all her dreams. Before whatever she does, she has to seek permission from him.

But she never saw him seeking any permission from her. For him, she is not matured enough for making decisions.

When she applied for a post-graduate course, she decided to not become like her degree life in college and make a decision to make more friends and being active in college.

Yeah, she got two best friends and she started to become a friend to all of her classmates. The friends who studied with her are surprised by the changes in her character.

But that happiness doesn't go for more days, her boyfriend started to insult her. When she started wearing the dresses she like most, he ashamed her by saying fatty and ugly.

She felt more hurt when he starts insulting her, So she decided not to fail anymore in front of him.

Her boyfriend doesn't like one of her best friends, because for him opposite gender cannot be a friend. For him, all boys thinking bad about her, so she can't be a friend of the opposite gender.

She started to always ask herself " Am I the only one girl in this world"...

On that day when she met him, he asked her to give him her phone... that is not her first time...

whenever they met, the first thing he always does is start checking her phone, he goes through all messages, galleries,

Facebook and all the applications installed in her phone even the contact details... He knew the password of all the applications... he can do anything, he can check anything on her phone...

Whenever she asks for his phone....he gives his phone and takes it back within a second... Which is like compensation for taking her phone...

But on that day, he saw the messages sent by one of her classmates about gossiping about her and her best friend ... after seeing the message, her lover became extremely angry...

she cried and said to him there is nothing between us and that is just gossip... but he never tried to understand her....

after that his restrictions arise and one day she lost her best friend for various reason...

After that, her life is like walking through the thread, where she didn't know when she fall down...

One day it happened, she fell down, she entered into the deep depression where she felt her whole body is in pain...

After that, she loses her health slowly and starts to arise pain which she can't afford that pain in her body... So she depends on her parents...she feels safe when she was with them...

where no one can hurt her... She cried a lot because of her past, her problems, what she do to her parents......

She felt safe in her parent's hand. When she was forced to obey him, she thought about her parents because they didn't force for anything.

On the other side, her pain has nothing to do with him... for him, she was acting...he again continues to hurt her. One day she lost her control and start to argue with him.

And give him the last warning, and advised him to become a better person. But he makes fun of her decision and he doesn't take her advice seriously.

The time passes, he started to threaten her. She lost trust in him already during this time. When he started to threaten her, she was afraid of him and thinking to end her life.

When he got a job abroad and went there, she started to understand what is life... and make herself forget about him...and start to calm down her mind...

She felt no pain when her mind is relaxed, and she started to realize how much pain he has given to her during their relationship.

Now she decided to follow her dreams, and she even started to remove him from her mind...

She decided not to lower her pride in front of him, and not to shed her tears for him...Earlier whenever he doesn't talk to her, she was very sad and she was afraid of losing him....

but now she is only afraid of losing she started to love herself more than anything...

She even decided not to bend down for anyone.

Whenever she looked back on her life, she sees pain, mistake, and heartache. When she looks in the mirror now, she sees her strength, learned lessons, and pride in herself.

For her, her past is a closed chapter. Whenever her ex-boyfriend tried to convince her to came back, she doesn't give him a second chance. Because in her mind love is dead ...

Now for her, her life is more important, her happiness is more important... There is a time when she even forgot his name, but she doesn't felt sad about that.

Now he comes back to meet her and asking "what did I do to you?"

Again, what he is expecting from her when he gave so much pain in her life.

After a deep breath, she told herself to follow her dreams, one day he will understand the value of every tear that you shed in front of him...

The readers who read this small story, you all have to follow your dreams, and not to lower your pride in front of people who didn't know your value.

Don't waste your time convincing other people to stay in your life

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