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lucky_tulip I like to draw and write! <3 💜🏳‍🌈
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Please help me qwq

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I need help on deciding what song to do for an ASL project, it has to be clean and at least 2 mins and 30 secs. I have a list already but it's really hard to decide on my own ^^ Preferably the song will have more lyrics than beats/music Anyway here's my list!

AJR - Come Hang Out * Camila Cabello - Real Friends Daughter - Youth * Alan Walker ‒ Darkside Alan Walker ‒ Alone Dear Evan Hansen - Waving Through a Window

Joel Adams - Please Don't Go Jasmine Thompson - Willow * SOnGs bY Billie Ellish * SonGs By Grace Vanderwaal

Alec Benjamin - Medicine Man* Alec Benjamin - Wrinkles * Cavetown - Green * Cavetown - Talk to Me * Cavetown - Ghost Boys * Cavetown - Lemon Boy * Cavetown - 888 *

I can provide lyrics for them if ya'll want me to ^^ Also there are a lot more sorry qwq

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