nevaeh no luckii no lilchiraqq
 nevaeh no luckii no lilchiraqq stories

luckiiragei write so i dont cut myself @lilchiraqq
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jus a poem about nevaeh and her personas and alter egos

nevaeh no luckii no lilchiraqq

this is nevaeh

shes insecure

and feels like a waste of space

timid and wishes her confidence wasnt replaced

by this low self esteem but nevaeh losing

and her alter ego wininng the race

why you let people walk all over you nevaeh?

you look in the mirror and promise the stranger you see

not to do what she did yesterday

are you okay? she hates this question

bc everyone knows shes not shes in a depression

its different with luckii RAGE she comes with more aggression

shes the result of sadness that builds to anger bc of repression

this is luckii RAGE and she possessed nevaeh and makes her do all her recking

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