Heart and Soul
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lucidumnox I'm a college student studying art.
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The internal battle of the heart and how it impacts the soul. Or are they one in the same? This is an autobiography type poem.

Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul


I come from a world of stories and tales.

Twisting reality in the wake of day,

Twisting dreams in the dead of night.

I come from a world of impish grins,

Of belly laughs full of a strong heart.

Yet even the happiest days leave me wanting,

My sirens song ever calling, ever searching.

Will I ever feel like I belong?

What is it I’m waiting for?

Who is it I’m longing to meet?

The shadow is ever lingering.

The black hole consumes.

I come from a world of heartbreak and dismay,

Crying for the light, shut out in the dark.

Of numbness and shivering vibes.

Am I even I’m alive?

I come from a world of screams, a world of choking tears and guttural pain,

Of self-serving manipulation and ravenous rage.

From a world where you worst enemy is your own self, your own longing.

Take a deep breath, cast all but your heart aside.

I come from a world of soulful music, of endless shuddering song,

Quivering hair and prickled skin,

Songs from people centuries dead.

They haunt the living with their eternal glory,

Will I follow in their stead?

I come from a world of strength,

Lassoing the sun, bearing it within my heart.

Burn the shadows away.

Fill the holes with music, wisdom, decisive happiness,

Colorful hues, and adamant adoration.

I come from a world of fantasy,

Of adventurers in dire distress.

Will they wake, and take hold of their own destiny?

Free falling, we all follow the path,

Only with our minds can we truly be free.


I come from the earth,

A muddled sphere in the middle of infinity.

From a dynasty of billowing trees and rumbling mountains,

I hold out my hands and welcome the eternal emptiness.

Breathing in tears and hail from the sky,

Bones shaking, teeth clattering,

My soul scratches and tears at its fleshy cage.

I hold out my hands, welcoming the raging storm.

My eyes see past the buildings, soon to be ruins,

Watching, waiting, for what was always there to return.

I see the far-off continents encircling my body,

Ancient castles and spirits call to me.

Are we any different?

Time is only a linear construct.

I welcome the love song of the earth,

As well as her rage.

I may be me,

But I’ve never truly felt my age.

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