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I sleep when it is dark and wake up when it is still dark. And it's a process.

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It is 4 AM and my alarm is ringing,

No sun is shining and no birds are singing.

I stay and stare at the ceiling,

Wondering, contemplating and pondering:

What the day will be bringing.

The stars still on the clock while the moon starts yawning,

My mind is racing before the light starts dawning.

At the same time the flowers start crowning.

Time passes slow, is it still morning?

The smell of wet grass seeps in my window,

As I set a foot down on the ice cold floor.

Tip toe around and don’t make a sound.

A single cup of coffee but I want some more.

Sipping caffeine like its white wine,

As dark as my skin is just fine,

A little bit of honey is worth all the money,

Dependent of this drug like a lifeline.

I think about life as I feel the solar light

Touching my skin, there’s no more night:

Say goodbye to the dark sight,

But accepting the bright as its own fight.

I see these people running by.

If I was awake I would try;

Instead I’ll sit here and fantasize,

About skipping all the traffic and just fly.

After three attempts in a row,

I finally start my morning flow.

Hop out the shower and go.

Getting dressed as I put on my favorite show.

Hurry up to catch my train,

Sun starts to grey it might rain,

Wind hitting my skin like pain,

But I have this money to gain.

The mornings may be hard,

And the routine seem so mundane.

As long as you get a start,

There’s nothing to do but gain.

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