Death Drives
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Do you know that Death can drive?
Find out here.

Death Drives

Author: Luciddreams Name: SahandMN

Date: July 3rd/2021

Death drives, but sometimes he commutes.

When that happens, you know for sure, because his presence is clear all over the news.

But still, mostly, Death drives.

I realized this fact after returning from a long trip to Tokyo I took recently. As usual, I drive to work every day, thanks to the unreliable public transportation here.

And I noticed that every day, my life is always on the line. No, not on the line as in "we will eventually die, and we don't know when".

"On the line" as in "we are all at war with everyone else." We're in a war between pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles, cars, and everything else on the road.

And during all of that, Death is either driving... or sitting in the car seat next to us.

Ever since realizing this, I started to drive more carefully. I drive as if my parents are sitting next to me and telling me to drive slower.

Because I know Death does not like reckless driving, and he's not as forgiving as my parents.

The End. Thanks for reading it. ^^

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