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lucia No one acts without reason...
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Walking forward might be the best decision
The sentences of the first and second part rhyme with each other, fun little easter egg


I'm walking, forward I suppose.

It has been way too long,

I don't know the difference between forward, left or right.

How long have I been here?

Days, months, years?

It's a very confusing place,

full of hope and despair.

It's not completely dark,

there are light sources here and there.

They are amazing, they feel warm and comfortable,

but at any given moment, they randomly disappear.


As I'm walking I spot this rose,

standing tall in the darkness, this has got to be wrong.

I sniff it, ending up with a face full delight,

how can this be so important to me when it's existence is so mere.

I suddenly hear a shout, it's so loud it hurts my ears.

I see a familiar face,

Is that really her over there?

I guess I'm not the only one left with a mark.

I approach her with care,

I'm afraid for what might happen, but I'm not thinking rational.

Because I don't think anyone wants to be alone here.

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