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luciaNo one acts without reason...
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Is it better to open your eyes or keep them shut...


Why do we fear the darkness, what gets us this scared?

Is it our heads, our imagination running wild?

Or is it something else, something you would never want to see?

Is that why we close our eyes,

to pretend it isn't there?

And what about the people who live in darkness,

are they still scared?

Did they forget how to open their eyes,

or do they not want to?

Because when you open your eyes, you're met with the darkness,

but you've never known what it is,

maby it's a monster maby it's friendly or perhaps it is your biggest fear.

But with your eyes open you can see,

you can rationalize, and you can breathe.

With your eyes open you can see where you are and where the lightswitch is.

But are you prepared to open your eyes.

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