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lucasedge “to define is to limit”
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This is a poem/speech I wrote for school, and it’s about the immense pressure that’s being put on students all over the world

It’s a bit long, but so appreciate it if you read trough it :)


I’m seeing what you show me, I’m hearing what you say I promise it’s not on purpose, my mind just doesn’t work that way

I promise I am trying, trying my very best But this book, this assignment, this god forsaken test, It’s wearing me out and it never lets me rest

Every time I close my eyes, every time I’m laying down This instant guilt just fills my mind and it feels like I could drown

Drown in all these worries, for knowledge I’ll never need But you see this test will evaluate my worth, my future, hopes and dreams

A C is good, a B is great, but it will never be enough for you You say it’s good, you say it’s great, but please just tell the truth

For once just yell it in my face, almost isn’t enough Because no matter how much we sugarcoat the truth, we all see trough the bluff

My chances of living the life that I want with a job i don’t despise Is written in black, neatly on the back of a paper where my biggest insecurity lise

We all hate to admit it and to say it out loud, it hurts But I am gonna do it now because one time has to be the first

I am shit scared of failure, just the thought of it makes we want to cry But I guess this makes me lucky in your eyes because it gives me a reason to try

Try and prove that I am the best in this barbaric game of thrones Where the winners are praised while they sit on their thrones of their own damaged bones

But we shrug it off, keep our struggles to ourselves because we’ve all felt the pain If everyone here are going trough the same, why do I have any right to complain?

But I am gonna tell you a secret, it’s actually the key to it all Our silence is the reason all of this is going on

Generation after generation we suffer alone in the dark With a burden so heavy it can ruin our lives and leave us with unhealable scars

So why should we let this broken system continue to control our lives? When we, as a generation, can stand together and make our voices into knives

We can cut trough this toxic idea that our worth is measured by grades That the fish’s ability to climb a tree is the one and final say

I am my own person with my own strengths and weaknesses And the fact that how high my score reaches, depends on how good my memory is, it makes things seem kind of hopeless

I know that not everyone will feel as strongly as I do in this case But please if you do, then I beg of you, stand tall and know your place

You don’t deserve to be silenced by others telling you how much you’re worth No matter how much we normalize this issue, you are not supposed to hurt

They say they’re seeing what we show them, they say they’re hearing what we say But still the mental health of students all over the world worsens every single day

I do not deserve this, I don’t deserve to hurt And this paper, this math test, this grade that I’ve been given, It doesn’t define my worth

if you got trough all that, thank you so so much haha, i know it’s a long read <3

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