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lucacalvorey Community member
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My most intimate confessions are not here, but you can find freudian complexes if you want.

Poem a Day


Today begins something, here and there and therefore, everywhere. Today begins the reign of the endless creatures the ones who puke words with blood the real gods of humanity, poets. 01.

Bye bye baby, you look so tired it's getting late my lips are red as your flying eyes around the room it was so great see you again? Selfnote: unmatch later, bye bye baby. 02.

Such a long time Since he came to me Crying He had lost his wife And he knew I was on her side Today he is better Or at least not drunk I love him and yes, I am Electra. 03.

Our conception Of time Is so useless. We change the day Before we go to sleep We assume That's it. Then they tell us to live But our lifes are so splitted We can't even try. 04.

Deep deep down We roll With tears Of joy Of surrender Of explosions In our families They listen We talk Praise the Lord And Freud And the ones who pay them 05.

My name is Lucía not Luca they didn't accept me because of the written accent that hurts I've been crying this days literally everywhere even in your bed, reader. 06.

How many days will I live? My brother asked me yesterday I don't know, what do you think? I want to be like Moises, I don't care how many days. 07.

I'm so tired of being so many things daugther lover sister friend when you care too much everything becomes essential and at the same time you become Christ in your crossroad. 08.

A room and me and you in me in my imagination, sorry, laughs I'm sorry I'm sorry cries in Spanish oh no here it comes again. 09.

They say So many things I don't wanna talk Please Just Listen. 10.

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