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lpsinksanskid I'm a writer for fun. Anime since 2017.
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Crystal has always wondered what living the adventure fantasies was like,but when she meets two demons her life changes forever. Will she live the adventure she always hoped for, or will she lose everything she cares about...?

Demons Prolouge

created by LPS_Inksanskid


The wind wisped across the dark,night sky. The trees swaying ever so calmly to the beat.Suddenly, a flash of Red-Black fur dashes across the clearing,shielded by a heavy cloak.

Behind him ,loomed several angelic seeming creatures,but really a closer look just brought the face of a demon, and that’s exactly what they were.

Their clothes ragged and torn,their halos giving a terrifying erie glare.the shadowy man turned and ran towards a small town, the town of Snomed.

the demonic angels had just left?why was this town so terrifying to them? Who scared them? Why? The man made sure he was not being watched,and then the most extraordinary thing happened.

Out of his cloak he pulled out a bundle, a baby!He made sure he was at the right address, and left the baby there.

“Crystal,” he said”it seems you will forget your past.” he paused and chuckled”how lucky.” then he jumped off into the night not to be seen,or so he thought.

Little did he know that Crystal was so much more than what she seemed.

If you enjoyed, tell me in the comments and I will post chapter 1.

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