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A speech, what do u see in the mirror

The Mirror

U look in the mirror and who do you see, do you see failure,success.

When u walk down the street do you have bad luck or good luck, do u find money or do you loose money, do you sometimes wonder if its all true, if the earth is round or if its flat,

or if we even exist, is space real, is mars real, is the sun that hot or are they lying, are we even humans.

Those random thoughts we have, are drugs real, are you going all weird and crazy on drugs or are you acting all weird and crazy cause of a word someone made up,

do you ruin your life and family by going on drugs.

Everyone has problems, no ones perfect, do u have a problems, maybe your lawns not mowed,maybe your cat pooped on the bed or peed on the carpet.

Maybe your homeless,at a friends place, living in a lounge room,or maybe your living in a mansion throwing your money around but not throwing it at the people that need it,

the animals that are dying everyday because people throw them out,abuse them,kill them, and all we do is stand here and do nothing, I welcome the rich into our lives,

I welcome the animals into our life, I welcome the world into our life I must ask you tho before you can be with us in our life. Who are you really?

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