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lperies Welshman from Wales. Wattpad @LPeries
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About Me

About Me

1. Where am I from?

Welshman, have lived in Wales all my life

2. When did I start writing?

At the age of 11, when I wrote song lyrics for this girl I liked

3. My favourite book

Lord of the Rings trilogy

4. Favourite Genre

Horror and fantasy

5. My inspirations for writing

People I've met along the way and Tv shows I have seen that have made me feel and have given me inspiration for characters

6. What I do when I'm not writing

Mainly work, playing on my console and watching sport

7. favourite piece I have wrote

Shifter, it has been eight years in the making and I've only just finished it, 51,000+ words later

8. Favourite pieces to write

Mainly poetry and short stories but I've dipped into novels

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