Why me.
Why me. death stories

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No I don't have free cookies stop asking!
Also every signal one of you are You!

Why me.

Why do you think the walls that hold you are not there? Me, you, we are all weird except me I'm not. I am the most important, normal, nonhuman on this earth.

This makes me exactly like all of you. This makes me the same weird-nonnormal as everyone else. No one person is the same no person is different.

I'd like to call myself a nihilist but I can't beat life I can't make it up like a play. I don't know if I dye at the end of this. I don't know if I'm even the same thing as everyone else.

We all are something, of course. It doesn't matter if we even are real or fake. We just are too many things for me to make up in a computer or in my head.

Maby we all are better dead than living and I think that is good. All I know I am the only one who matters. If you can look past this crud statement we are all the same. We all are "I am".

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