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Mother nature What a joke


Mother nature

What a joke

When a cactus

Begins to smoke

Dry as a bone

Set on fire

The earth promised

What a liar

Shriveled and lost

Cacti turn

To pray for rain

Lest they will burn

The sun gives life

Why blame that?

When sandy ground

Is where you're sat

Imagine the dirt

Like powder

Why grow these plants

To shine louder?

Pityful plant there

I see you

All on your own

Still pretty new

When the rain comes

Save it up

Desert won't seem

Dry as it looks

Take rain and grow

Give none back

Protect yourself

From new attacks

Test it again

It's ready

Knowing the ground

Never steady

See those hillsides

Green as you were

Fate unsealed

Hope and defer

Stark conditions

Born into

Others can last

You can win too

Finding your way


Trust no promise


So many spikes

Safe for now

What would you do

If not for clouds?

As if they knew

You needed

Moisture owed by

Earth who seeded

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