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In a deep sea trench Colour is bleak

A prawn

In a deep sea trench

Colour is bleak

Sights you see are what they are

Regardless of what you seek

Under the surface


Creatures which were always there

Eyes expose morality

Just don't feel pressure

Why don't you breathe

You must know how you got here

Get up get out there and leave

Where are all the fish

Where's my best friend

Where lies the truth I once loved

Where is my security

Where waits my end

A prawn

Oh beautiful shrimp

You're so vibrant

Beaconing rouge and armour

Like a fresh fire hydrant

I want to thank you

My dear old friend

For being a crustacean

And for swimming around my bend

Can you hear screaming?

Then rescue me

Can radars pick up this noise?

Save me now

Help me truly

Take me with you prawn

On your journey

Guide me into the abyss

I swear I'll hold on firmly

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