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lowkeymorns Here to say hi and put out some poems
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Feelings on day to day argument between left and right mind.

Left = Right

I need a way to escape from this condition

I try to be an optimist, every day I meet resistance.

The Borderline declined,

Greet The pessimist existence

They argue back and forth

Let the realist listen

I need a break from this mind state,

This Never ending debate

Twenty-five years they've been arguing straight.

The black and white of my hemispheres, are mixing their shade.

This battle back and forth has me blending to gray.

First, it was fun like playing a game,

Breaking down the meaning

Finding lines, between what they say.

I'd sit and listen for hours; I'd do this every day.

Now there's no new meaning and I don't want to play!

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