Confessions to my self
Confessions to my self  stories

lowkeymorns Here to say hi and put out some poems
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Reflections of my thoughts and self

Confessions to my self


I sit here in indulgence

Consuming every and anything

I smoke and drink,

With no care of the outcome.

I let impulse lead me.

My Only care is if I will burn in the flames Of the fires I set.

So Let my demise be time and let each second pass by, or better yet fly.

I'm not so weak as to take the short cut.

Ill still push through each Rutt with no fuck to give.

I can take a pill and let go for a bit, then when the mood flips,

That hit gets followed by a sip,

I will say all is done, it was fun,

Lay in my solitude of who I have become, and find peace in knowing Im forever numb.


I see the world

I see all the people lost in the shit.

Consumed by the day to day facade.

Working day to day for a number on a screen.

Just so they can get a bigger screen,

hoping it will reflect the size of that number.

I see The word media

Its thunder,

with no real choice left for a real dreamer to wonder

Let the past be a trace of are hast

A quickend pase of "that's good enough mind state"

We all relate but do nothing

Market peace and love like it still means something,

But watch reality tv as if it's truth of what we will be,

We slowly form a belief

That what we see is really reality


I wait for my time to stop or for the clock to drop

Going day to day with little joy saying I'm ok

I'm not.

I'm in and out like water drops from a spout.

Find breaks in a day dream,

but reality would rather keep the light out.

So lock me in my house and let the days go bye,

I'll stay locked inside like I do on the outside.

Not literally but I'm a prisoner of my mind.

I'd move the face on the clock,

If it meant I could move times stride,

weeks, months, years from summer to snow.

Ill sit and listen as the clock ticks grow,

Ill grow old and help my body grow too.

So give me a pill, a drink, a dare, or stare I don't care I'll do any thing I have too,

I welcome letting go.

In this place and time iv realized all I have been doing is just waiting,

Waiting to die

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