Her Shadow
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Trapped in thoughts in her shadow, a girl who doesn’t let me live.

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Her Shadow

Silence makes a noise in my head,

I can't reach myself

everything is frozen on

the top of the mountain.

The delusion that everything will be fine.

The solid material holds me

with me and does not let me go.

The room I'm in

it is getting smaller

with each new exhalation. Thorn hammered

to the very core of my heart,

it reminds me of her rose.

Her lies dragged me deep

black darkness.

He dumbfounded the whole world,

as well as the stars

realizing my reality.

I look at her shadow from a height, a feeling

there is not.

Because when I get to the bottom.

I will feel all the pain she has caused me.

I am trapped in her shadow

and misery. I perceive my reality

but I can't, empty mind it

does not allow

Apocalyptic reality

in a lost mind.

It is pointless to think how it will

all be well

but who knows, maybe one day

I manage to understand my reality

freeing herself from her shadow.

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