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lovesupernatual I’m going home bitches 🕴😫
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Whispers of hate through out the night Ring in my ears in the moonlight My curtains blowing in the breeze Freely lovely as can be The breeze symbolizing freedom

While you keep me here Stuck...... It's just my luck I have to be with you Acting as if you have nothing to loose

The only thing you'll loose is me I'll be away and gone just like the breeze I'm done with you "I hate you" I'm leaving and no longer will let my heart have the blue hue I'm letting you go do the same

Cause this is only just a game Manipulation and lies Will only make you call me and cry but no longer will I pick up that phone Sorry if your scared of being alone

The only one with that problem is you Have fun with your buddies living it up You'll realize your only stuck in a rut But I have no time for you today I'm busy being free so go away

You'll cry out that you need me to stay Couldn't you have said that months back?! I waited for you for too long So now I need to be free and be gone

Goodbye I no longer want you in my life I'm flying free like a kite I no longer need you I'm perfectly fine So leave me alone I'm the one leaving you behind....

Your whispers can no longer affect me Your hate dripping through every word you speak Why don't you just shut up You lied and made me cry I am no longer wasting my time on you I have life too

Sorry if I wasted yours I doubt I did but you say that so you can feel better Like you did nothing wrong Welp too late cause I'm too far gone

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