Vansished Teaser

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A boy just the age of 8 goes missing. Latoya can't stand the thought of him to be forever lost. She needed him to be alive to be okay. Her husband Noah is equally as worried. The investiagtion starts but they figure something out that's chilling to the core about the parents of the Boy Ellijah.

Vansished Teaser

I struggled at the man's grip of me. I struggled to get away from him. I just needed to know,I needed to know if he did it. I needed to know more than anything and from the evidence I found was disgusting. How could he do that to kids? How could he be so disgusting I needed to inform the police. I hit him on the head and he kept attacking me. He didn't want to be found out....but I knew.

Jackson knew too....but he wasn't gonna say anything so he can continue with his crystal meth. I knew he felt awful,I knew he didn't want to do any of that stuff. Yet he couldn't help himself,because he was doing that stuff. I just wanted to know if Ellijah my boy was dead or alive I wanted to know but i had enough evidence on this sicko to take to the police. I just wanted.....

To know goddamnit

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