The night we cried missing.
The night we cried missing. halloween2020 stories
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When Jennie and her friend and boyfriend go to a Halloween party she finds that Ali didn't come home that night Jennie shrugged it off as "she probably hooked up with someone again." but that wasn't the case for Ali.

The night we cried missing.

It was Halloween me and my friend Ali wanted to go to the Halloween party that was being hosted, "Mom please!!!" I begged."No,there is a phsycopath on the lose." I looked at her with a sad face,"Please mom Chad is coming with us too!!" She hesitated but knowing how strong my boyfriend was she finally agreed,"THANK YOU MOM!!" I hugged her.

I skipped to my room,It was a costume party I was going as the iconic Cruella Devill and Ali was going as the catcher and Chad was going as the Dalmation cause why not."Sis where are you going?" My 13 year old sister said barging into my room like she owned the place,"Ugh get out!" she walked out scoffing. I rolled my eyes.

~time skip~ It was almost 10 and we where just leaving,"Why are we going so late?" I asked. "Babe,only nerds are early." Chad said. "Yea Jennie." I rolled my eyes."Fine let's just party ok?" Chad looked at me,"We will trust me." I continued looking forward while Chad and Ali started talking. My boyfreind was rich that's why he's so popular I looked out the car window.

~At the party~ We walked into the party and started looking around. Chad walked off to the drinks,so it was just me and Ali. Ali looked good in everything so of course she got the sexy catcher from 101 dalmations, "Hey ladies," this creepy guy walked up to us I grabbed Ali's arm,"No thank you," I brought her to the dance floor and started dancing.

Chad came back 'drinks!', We continued to dance."There was some weird dude hitting on us." I said to Chad."Come on Jennie it's fine he probably took the hint and left."I took my fake old cigarette and put it in my mouth"Whatever." I mumbled continuing to dance. I then stopped dancing for a moment, something moved from the corner of my eye something that looks like a clown standing outside the window.

I shrugged it off because It's a Halloween party why wouldn't there be a scary clown trying to scare people it was only logical that it was trying to scare people. When I looked back to the window I see a very sharp looked to be a kitana. 'Shit' my eyes widened who was it waiting for,was it the weird guy who was trying to hit on us. "Girl you okay?" she asks I looked back towards the window and it was gone.

The more the night went on the more scary things started to happen. Some girl was holding a glass and it just shattered in her hand cutting her and the Alcohol she was drinking probably burned her. "CHAD!!" I looked around to see that he's with some girl kissing her. I looked around for Ali and saw she was gone. I walked outside to see Ali going with some guy so I just assumed they where gonna hook up and I left.

"MOM I'M HOME!" I walked into the kitchen grabbing something to eat. I hear footsteps come down the stairs,"How was the party." I turned over to my Mom."Fine it was kinda lame Ali ditched me for some dude and Chad is over at the party hooking up with some chick and the music sucked." I said."Oh I'm sorry about Chad." I turned back towards the food I was making,"It's fine."

"Goodnight Mom." Mom turned towards me on the stairs,"Goodnight baby." I made a sandwich and walked into the living room flicking on the light in the room. I sat on the couch turning on the TV and paused whatever was on and ran upstairs to change. After changing I walked back downstairs to see all the lights off.'I didn't turn off the lights What the hell?!' I tried to flick the light back on but to no avail

I find a flashlight and flicked it on. I went over to the circut outside and fixed what happened. I hear an ear pericing scream but I just assume it's stupid kids getting scared. I hear footsteps behind me. I turn around quickly to see the boy neighbor next door "God you scared me!" I said louder than I wanted it to. He was pretty cute but he wasn't Chad strong.

He had brown hair,with a green kinda brownish eye color his hair was long but not to long it was more long in the front and short in the back."I came over to check on you." He seemed sus about something."I'm ok thanks-" I interrupted me telling me his name,"I'm Cole." He stuck out his hand,I took it poiletly he was my neighbor."Well now that my uhhh lights are back on-"

He took a look at the circut,"There not back on you just turned back on some of the lights in your house." He said flipping some switches. Then everything in my house lit up with light. I turned back around,"Thank you!" he smiled at me. "Good night!" I said,"Wait!" I turned back."Yea?" I was confused what did he need."Can I walk you to school tomorrow?"

"Hmmm sure why not." I smiled,'just say yes so he doesn't hurt you this dude is sus.' I walked back inside and made sure to lock the door behind me. I sat over by the couch and changed the channel to some friends and some popcorn. After some time I got bored so I looked on insta and Snap to see who was online. I texted a couple people to see if there awake some where sleeping some where partying.

'I'm going to bed.' I walk upstairs to my bedroom,my gut told me to check my closet before I went to sleep but I was too tired to do anything but,the whole night I kept waking up to feel like someone was watching me but I still never looked.

~next morning~ I woke up to my alarm,"UGHHHH" I looked at the time to see it was 6:00 am.I rolled out of bed to feel the watching me gone. 'Maybe just to much f.r.e.i.nd.s. or too many horror movies lately.' I said to myself to make the paranoia go away. I wore a red sweatshirt that said "I did not wake up like this." which was my mood today I didn't sleep good.

I threw on some light makeup and some leggings with heel boots that where a furry black and that went to my ankle and the bottom of the heel had a wood look to it. I walked out of the house by 7:00 since it took me about a 30 minute walk since I couldn't use my car since the day I said I was going to school and then didn't."Hey." said Cole."Hi." I smiled at him.(The picture behind isn't jennie it's just the look.)

He smiled back at me.We walked to school and got to know each other,"JENNIE!" I here the voice scream. I looked behind me and Cole to see Chad running up to me. "What do YOU want." I said glaring daggers at him,"Look I'm sorry about-" I cut him off quick."About last night!!" I said quite annoyed."Yea-" He knew to stop talking.

"Look Chad you never cared about me anyway you where forcing me to date you!" I screamed everything was true he was forcing me to date him when I didn't want to. "WHAT!" he said louder than I wanted him to. I could tell he was gonna hit me."Back off Chad." said Cole he got between me and Chad,"Oh yea and what are you gonna do?" He pushed Cole."Stop it!" I said getting in between them. Chad backed off.

I'm sure he'll be back for sure. "Cole are you okay?" I asked looking at him. "Yea I'm good." I looked at him. He was being weird. "JENNIE!" I see Natyli running over."Hey Natlyi whats up?" I asked. "It's Ali she hasn't shown up at all today we where practicing and she wasn't there." She started freaking out."Where did you see her last Jennie?" I looked at her and thought for a moment."Well last night at the party."

She looked down."Yea last night she left with some guy and Chad was hooking up with some girl so I left." She looked back up,"O-Okay talk to you later." why is everyone being weird today. I look back to see Cole standing there still,"I'm sure Jennie is fine."

~time skip~ I was sitting in class, My teacher Mr. Wakeford was sitting at his desk doing whatever he wanted. He's young not me young but he is young and he kinda looks like Chris Hemsworth honestly. Not complaining, Ali wouldn't have been complaining either.'Where is she?' I wondered I looked out the window to see someone standing across the street just standing.

"UHHH Mr. Wakeford?" I asked I raised my hand standing up impateintly. "Yes Jennie?" He looked up from his book he was reading. "There is someone just standing across from the school I think I saw a weapon!" I said really worried for everyone's safety. He walked over near my desk looking out the window he was still standing there but soon walked down the street. His pocket knife still showing.

I sat down again,"Jennie if he comes by again please let me know." I shook my head yes in agreement of what he said. "I will sir." I said

~time skip~ I was walking outside when Cole ran up to me.He was excited about something."What are you so excited about?" I asked. He said that they where hosting an art contest and he was into art and he was good at it."Well that sounds like fun!" I said. He was so cute when he was excited about something like this morning he was talking about his 8th birthday I could tell he was excited about telling me.

I finally arrived home after school I was tired but I had homework I needed to do. Nobody was home my sister was at a sleepover and my mom was working the nightshift at the hospital. I locked the doors. I started walking upstairs when I hear something against the glass window. It was like fingernails on blackboards it was disturbing. I walked over to the window it was at. There was a forest across from my house and I thought someone.

might have been there earlier but instead of looking there first I go to the window, I see a man in a clown mask. I ran to my room I was scared I could hardly breathe I go my phone only to realize he cut the power signal so I couldn't call the cops. I heard glass shattering and I flipped out i locked my bedroom door and opened my blinds.

I see Cole standing at his window on his phone, I bang on my window and gained his attention I put the note up to the window it read,"𝙷𝙴𝙻𝙿 𝙼𝙴 π™Ώπ™»π™΄π™°πš‚π™΄ 𝙲𝙾𝙻𝙴!!!" He studied the paper for a few seconds, his eyes widended and he ran out the house running outside the street. I see a man coming up behind him "COLE NO WATCH OUT THERE SOMEONE BEHIND YOU!" I bang on the window harder and harder the closer this sicko got.

And that was it for cole,"COLE!" I screamed. My house was then silent and no noise could be heard except for my uneven breathing. *huff* every breathe felt like a never ending marathon was I going to run it or was I going to stick it out and stay in place? I ran into my kitchen making it safely and I grabbed a kitchen knife I ran out the door when this man tried to pull my back by my hair with him barely missing me.

I was running when I hear,"PARADISE!" 'these people are crazy!' I keep running until I found the forest was I really forced to go in there, Yea I really was they where hot on my tail. I ran into the forest with out second thought, I ran and ran into the darkness not looking back I couldn't I wouldn't. Until I hear laughing all around me.I was crying at this point. I put the knife in my pants at my back.

I looked behind me while I started walking slowly and carefully "where am I?" I wasn't looking and I tripped over something. "AHHHHHHHHH" Ali was lying there cold and pale. She was dead,she was decaying and worms and bugs where eating her. I hear I slight "HELLO?" that wasn't me it was a guys voice. 'COLE!' I thought it was Cole.

I look behind me to see a man standing out in the open place I look at him and he tilits his head. I run as fast as my feet could carry me. 'RUN RUN RUN RUNRUNRNRUNRUN!" at this point I was scared and alone and freaked out by this dude following me. I hear another,"HELLO?" When I look ahead there stood 'COLE!' I grabed his wrist sending goosebumps throughout my arm.

'Right now is not the time to be gushing over a dude Jennie there is a phsycopath chasing you!' Me and Cole ran and ran as fast as we could through the woods not looking back where the heavy footsteps where. I was still holding Cole's wrist as tight as I could without him falling behind. I took a sharp 90 degree turn to confuse him which it did he was a little more behind so that's good.

We kept turning and even though it took more time to turn it threw him off of our trail he was soon so far behind he couldn't see us. I jumped behind a log while Cole did the same.*Huff Huff* we where breathing heavily."Cole-Cole your okay?!" I said shocked. "Yea how was I not okay?" what I'm confused."They stabbed you on the street when you ran on the street outside your house?"

"What I wasn't even home?" this doesn't make any sense."Oh Okay." I said fairly confused."Why did you come over to ask me something or-" I looked at him and smiled."No,just was trying to get out of my house away from a phsycotic clown and a phsycopath. the normal everyday kinda stuff." I said with a laugh.

He laughed a little too like our lives weren't ever endangered. I soon got closer to him and closer. He tilted his head while I did the same. We kissed!! I was over the moon happy and almost forgot everything before he was mesmerizing. Yea he would never be Chad strong but Chad was a jerk and I never loved him in the first place. Honestly,I noticed Cole more than I ever noticed when Chad changed the car he drove.

I soon heard whistling and I put Cole down towards the ground he obliged knowing someone was there I whispered so queitly."We can't run he's gonna know where here and he's getting closer." I said I was scared I was so so scared and Cole could tell,"Jennie?" I heard the man say."You weren't scared to get close to me before why now baby?" he asked.

'Baby?? No one calls me that not even Chad did.' Cole was confused to. I shrugged. Soon he got closer but couldn't find us so he turned to another part of the woods.I stood up with Cole running only for someone to catch me by my hair I fought back but I couldn't win."COLE......." he looked at me with a sad look,"RUN!" he obliged running away but looking back.

"Jennie I missed you in the halls today where were you?" he asked me I was confused,"Who are you?!" He laughed a little phsycotically."Look up sweetheart." I did and my legs almost gave out beaneth me from the shock and fear I soon started to cry. "Mr. Wakeford?" He smiled a creepy smile."Why do you look so shocked." I was confused."The way I look at you in class the way I call on you specially-

the way I talk to you after class about the F you have in every single assignment you ever got from me." I was shocked and scared."Why?" I asked him he pulled my hair harder reveling my neck more and so he can look at me."Because..." he paused "I love you and I want your pretty head in my trophie case." He said raising the kitana I saw at the party.I stepped on his foot leaving him in a bit of pain.

I took out my kitchen knife and stabbed him in the neck where the artyerys are. He fell to the floor on his knees. I was a crying mess Cole ran up to me. I hugged him."Jennie..." he said softly."Cole..." I said back to him. "Let's get out of here." I stopped walking."Yea just give me a sec for air." He smiled at me and started walking away.

~time skip~ I was wrapped up in the blanket with a cup of hot coco it was quite delicous. Of course they preferd I had water but it's november 1st. My mom ran over to me."MOM!" I said getting up and running over to her. "God your okay!" I smiled while hugging her,"Yea mom I'm okay."

~time skip~ it's been a week since the accident happened. We aren't moving but my mom keeps asking if I want to I keep saying no."Come on honey I know you feel weird but if we move you want have to go thro-" I cut her off,"Really mom I'm fine." she left my room with a smile. "Goodnight!" I hear a faint goodnight back.

I closed my door and ran to my closet pulling out a box.'oh wouldn't have had to die if you just would've followed my plan.' I thought laying out all of the teeth I collected from him.'we where in love but then you had to go and kill Ali and ruin it all now I'm dating Cole and...I really do love him maybe maybe......

'He'll let me hurt him like you did.'

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