Okay.....school tik tok stories

lovesupernatual I’m going home bitches 🕴😫
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and tiktok


Me:NO ONE LOVES YOU! from my knowledge of almost all my freinds Skool:DA FAQ Me:...........well I don't love youuuuuuuuu!

Okay from my knowledge almost everyone hates school and if you don't well....this isn't the post for you lol Okay look I'm sorry but school sucks No one is like:"OH YA KNOW IMMA BE ORIGONAL TODAY!"(Yea I meant to spell it like that....look this is a roast for skool so....lol)

but literally no one is like a normal human being and can they ya know be them selves and I honestly hate it it's like get a life.....

ya some people are original I agree with that but most of the people I meet are like really cringe I mean their usually good ppl but again cringe.....

it was like the renegade Not gonna learn it it's not gonna benifit me in life so like yeah..... If we are talking about tiktok

I'm not a fan of Charlie d'amelio I think she's a good person But I WISH SHE WOULD POST ORIGINAL CONTENT IF SHE DID I WOULD TOTALLY FOLLOW HER!!

but yeaaaaaaa.... this is all just my opinon on skool and tiktok you can totally disagree if you want but still :p

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