Okay guys we need to talk
Okay guys we need to talk  cyber bullying stories

lovesupernatual I’m going home bitches 🕴😫
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This is a serious convo

Okay guys we need to talk

So I'm in a suituation that has to do with cyberbullying I'm not okay with that and it's not nice to tell people discoraging this or worse things I just wanted to send a message out on this platform that this is supposed to be a safe place for writting if you have any other intentions of telling people over messages rude things you need to get the fuck off here!

What makes people think that's okay That their not doing anything wrong If something comes out the wrong way just say so or apologize to them personally If you think you did nothing wrong and continue to harass that's not okay!

And I will find out if you are doing so🍵🧐 So watch out (okay I might not find you but others will so please watch what you say to people and watch what you post and think if it's going to be offensive or not thank you!)

alrighty gtg now bye bye loves -Bailey🍵🧐🤷😍

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