not good enough
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lovesupernatual I’m going home bitches 🕴😫
Autoplay OFF   •   7 months ago
idk what this is :D

not good enough

I try so hard but it's not good enough I make an effort but its just not good enough I put in effort but its JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH

It never is it never will be in your eyes it'll never be okay or good or great.....

nothing is good enough I'm not good enough but why? Why can't i just fly away I wanna be free from this prision Of hell fire

It burns me It hurts me to know That I'm not good enough why? why am I not? why can't I be good enough do you not care? do YOU feel like your not good enough

because I tried so hard I talked about how i felt I waited for you I kept my sadness inside so i wouldn't drag you down and yet that just wasn't good enough atleast I know i tried

I can no longer try Atleast I used to try

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