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lovesupernatual I’m going home bitches 🕴😫
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My walk

My walk down this empty road No life No people I have to do this alone Feelings suck Why do we have to feel Why can't we be happy 24/7

I don't understand this road This road of..... Snow The snow comes to my knees Making it a 1,000 times harder

Why do we have to be here Why can't we just be happy Why do we have to fight Is it because everything is a matter of survival? Is that just life

Or do we just give up? I know that a long time ago People fought People have fought for so long I can feel myself slip away But I won't give up

I never will if you push me I'll push back If you spit on me I'll spit venom back If you yell at me I'll yell back Cause i won't take anything

From anyone I'm done being Ms.Nice girl If you push Expect a shove back If you bite Expect a bite with blood back,,,,,,,,,

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