Meeting the Idgits part 5
Meeting the Idgits
part 5 supernatural stories

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When you finally snap towards your father Bobby Singer you leave with a bag and two brothers and an angel on your side to save the world together but as Sam and Dean start to fall deeper in love with you,you notice the riveraly between the two brothers.

Meeting the Idgits part 5

Warining:cussing Pg 13

We where heading back to my fathers place. He needed help with a case,the car was silent and the awkwardness filled the car. Considering what happened between me and Sam twice and what happened between me and Dean,I leaned forward "UGHHHHH" I screamed in frustration,and got two weird looks,I sat back and crossed my arms looking out the window waiting for this sort of hell to end already.

~time skip~ We pulled up to my old place and got out of the car grabbing our bags from the trunk. I walked up to the door ringing the doorbell. No answer,ringing it again,Nothing. I looked at Dean he shrugged.I was about to kick down the door, I pounded on the door still nothing,"God Damn it dad!!" I was about to kick down the door when I heard *click*

the door swung open,finally My Dad answers."Why'd you take so long Dad?" I entered my old place to see it looking the same. My Dad didn't answer my question but Dean and Dad started talking about the case. I walked up the stairs and into my old room.I threw my bag on my bed, I sat on the edge of my bed ,I let the upper half of my body fall into the bed accompanied by the bed to bounce a little.

I looked over to my bag I sat up looking through my bag for the one thing I wanted.I found it at the bottom of my bag,'there you are!' I thought to myself with a sigh of relief I opened the box and brought out the pictures of my beautiful mother.I laid on my back staring up at the pictures 'I miss you.' I stared at the picture,'When will you talk back to me?' I put the pictures back and laid back down.

I hear footsteps come into my room, I sat up. Dean came over and sat next to me. "Hi." I said and smiled at him. "Hi" he said."I-" I start to fumble over my words until it finally came out how I wanted it to."Dean I'm so sorry for getting mad at you." I felt really bad honestly.He looked at me,"I could've handled the situation better than me getting pissed off I'm honestly really sorry Dean."

"Lately Dean I've been getting more and more worried fot my Dad,what if I'm on a hunt and he calls me for help but I'm too far away." I put my hands in my face while My elbows rested on my knees. I looked at him, He looked away from my face and looked at my closet. My room was a pretty blue color with a white bed and black curtains my bed frame had a white light.

"WOAH,you, worry about Bobby,Bobby?" "Maybe." I said. He looked at me with a are you kidding look because He is very strong and wouldn't die on us,"I know,I know he is tough he's not gonna die,but what if-" he put his arm around my shoulder and I laid my head on his shoulder,"He'll be fine trust me." "Come on lets go research." He said standing up and giving me his hand,I took it and he rushed me downstairs.

~Time Skip~ I sighed while sitting on a chair in the research room.'I'm bored as hell.' I started to think back to when Dean came into my room.'why would he come into my room in the first place?' I looked over at Dean,he saw and smiled at me I looked the other way.

All of a sudden some demon named Crowely,(yeaaaaaaa he here.) He starts roaming through my Dad's stuff,"HEY!" I stood up,"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING." he kept going through my Dads stuff. He gets bones this kind of salt and lambs blood and then puts it on some kind of symbol on a window. He appeared behind us and smashed us through the window...............................................................................................................

We smashed through the window and onto a black mattress that is made for actors. We stood up and I almost fell forward until Dean caught me."Thanks," All of a sudden a director yelled "cut!!! there ain't no love dovey on this set you guys work together!" I pushed Dean away embarrassed. He looked at the director like he was crazy.

We where confused,"Great Job on the set today guys." the director said to the crew. I looked over to Sam and Dean,"What's happening?" Sam looked over to us,"The spell must have put us in some twilight zone." I was still in a lot of shock from the window. Dean picked up a piece of glass and bent the glass. 'It's fake?!' We all started walking away while Sam was being taken away by a girl who did makeup.

"Come on Jared Padalecki ." I mouthed to them while we where all being pulled away,"Jared??" Dean shrugged. "Come on Y/N Ackles we can't be late for your next shoot lets take off your makeup." I looked at her,"I don't wear make-" She swiped my face with a makeup remover wipe exposing lots of foundation.'Whaaaatttt I don't wear makeup like ever?!'

~time skip~ We walked outside to look around,we saw this enormous trailer and Dean said"I guess that's fake mine?" we walked inside the trailer to see a fish tank,TV and a computer. Sam walked over to the table and opened the laptop sitting on top of the dark wodden table. "We need to research these people." He started with Dean, "Jensen Ackles." My eyes shot wide but they lacked to notice.

"You where in a sop opra?" we watched a clip of the drama and it sucked."Jared Padalecki " we read more stuff on Sams charecter,til we got to me. "whats your characters name again." I gulped a little."Uhhh Y/N." I said pretending to try and remember the last name,but the first thing that popped up is me."Y/N Ackles."

I was leaning over the table over Sams shoulder and looking at what the internet said about me."Wait you guys are married in this universe?" I looked over at Sam,"I guess so." I pushed my hand off the dark wooden table so I could get off the table without stumbling with how shocked I've been today.

~time skip like 5 minutes later~ We where wandering outside and we stumbled across Cas,"CAS!" Dean said fairly loud,we had a full on conversation to him about how we got here only to find it was on a script, We walked away,I'm sure everyone right now was feeling hopeless, We walked over to Baby and climbed into her and started her up. Then this crossing dude kept saying stop.

"God Damn it it's a prop!" Dean was probably really pissed. I mean I was really pissed. 'Why me?' We got out of the car. All of a sudden people started pushing us towards the set,I was nervous. We started acting,we where awful Sam was reading the script right but couldn't act,and Dean wasn't even reading the script right."If theres a lock there has to be a key!" he finally said ok.

I think I did a damn well job at playing my character,"Well if theres a lock and key that means we can sneak in through the back!" I said with a smile and laugh during the sentence.I stepped foward right where I was supposed to go,"And that means eve is exposed,if eve is exposed no more of the cps being called." I said.

Dean finally stepped where he was supposed to go but it looked like he was gonna kill Cas or Misha as we learned. Then we heard a "CUT!" from the director,We sat down at our star chairs "Who wrote this nobody says penultimate!" Dean was being a little bitch baby,"Gun,Mouth,NOW!" I rolled my eyes,"It's not that bad." They looked towards me."Yea says you who can act!"

Dean exclaimed with frustration,"Yea we can't." Sam pointed back and forth between them,"Looks like theatere class really did pay off." I said.

~Time Skip~ We finally ended the acting for one day lemme just say there was no hope for Sam and Dean. I got into the black car van whatever it was a raindrover maybe, it was a nice car for sure. "Ok uhhh drive me where ever he's going" dean said,"Sure." I was staring out the window when we pulled into where ever this was but it was a nice house. I huffed,"Stupid actors!!"

We climbed out of the car and into the house to see,"UHHHH IS THAT A TANNING BED!" i screamed."Yea what am I dracula?" Sam said. Dean looked out back and so did I,"Is that a Camel?" Ruby walked down the stairs,"Lama actually." I looked at Dean,"Your married,,,,,to fake Ruby?!" he said pointing towards her."Yea he's married to me." She said glaring at me.

'If looks could kill jeez' I looked back at her,"Anyways how's your marriage going." her saying that almost made me throw up I don't want to be married! it!"G-Greattttt." I said trying to not throw up,"That gag says other wise." Dean glared but looked like he was gonna die laughing at me for being tortured alive. He then started teasing me."Come give your husband a kiss." He said walking over.

I started shaking my head voilently no, then when he got close enough I kneed him, He went down in pain and I started laughing at him,"Ugh weridos." She said walking away with Sam.

~time skip~ We where trying to get a one way ticket to america,except most of Deans cards where maxed out,"why are they all maxed out." I looked up from my laptop,"Seems pretty accurate of what you would do babe." I said we where still teasing each other at this point and he gets very flustered when you call him something other than his name

And Bitch but its mad, or something like that. He looked away. Then after that he kept looking at his laptop. After I got my ticket to america I laid down on the nice leather couch,"I swear to god Sam if your twilight version has this couch in here for something else other than sitting I will kick your ass I don't care that it's not even you!" I said he then laughed and smiled just a little.

I sighed as I stared at the ceiling."Whats up." Sam asked,"Well for of one I'm pretty sure your wife wants to kill me Sam, secondly I don't want to be in this world anymore."

~time skip~ "HELLO!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs."I was stuck in the acttic,"SHIT!" I tripped over something. I heard a shatter and I looked at it picking it up,I dropped it too the floor it shattering to pieces at the end of my feet.I started to cry, I couldn't stop because.......

~flashback to a couple of minutes ago~ I was walking down the hall towards the attic to grab some stuff Sam wanted me to get for research. All of a sudden the hatch closed and locked then I hear fake Rubys voice,"You bitch I told you to stay away from Jared!" she said I was confused,"Why?" she scoffed,"Are you that dumb you know why!" she then walked away leaving me stuck in here.

~flashback to when she was a kid~ "Dad do you have to go?" I asked with the smallest meekist voice I ever had."Yea I have to go.....stay with your mother ok?" I smiled "Ok I love you bye Dad!!" My dad was off in the car I was only 7 when it happened and I haven't thought about it since.

"Sissy!" I turned around,"Let's go play in the woods!!" I smiled,"OKAY, now remember we shall be princesses of the forest so we must not get dirty." My mother walked up to us,"Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes so you have 20 minutes to play and don't go to far ok?" I hugged her with my sister,"Okay mommy!!"

"Come on sissy get into your wood dress!" she finally came outside. We ran into the forest exploring and searching the woods with the wind. I looked back at my tired sister. "Come on sissy." I started running,"AHHHHHHHHHH!!! SISSY" I look back and shes gone......gone like the wind.....gone like my hope was.

"sissy?" I said quietly I started running and I made out to the backyard of my really old house the one before the one now. "MOMMY!!" I ran into the house to see her dead on the floor and a man standing there with my father. "Y/N come over here..." my dad said with a quiet sad voice. He then picked me up and took me away."To bed with you ok?" I looked at him,"but dad,sissy-" he walked away.

~end of flashback~ Dean finally found me and walked up the ladder,"Hey wifey I'm home!" I was on my knees in the glass my hand over my mouth crying. He ran over,"what happened?" I pointed to the picture he was confused."t-the p-picture." he looked at it,"T-Thats my s-sister!"

the world was spinning and my mind was racing ,"You have a sister?" I looked at him,"Yea when I was 7 I lost her." Dean picked my up and I realized the jeans I was wearing ripped my cuts bled and flesh wounds where open. I didn't care I picked up the frame with the photo cutting my hands in the process, I opened the back of the photo where the photo was and took out the photo and stuck it in my pocket.

I looked over to see that there was another photo standing up I looked over to it and saw that me and Sam where married first. I looked at the photo closer,'why would we divorce did he cheat, did I cheat,where we not happy,did he kill my sister?' to many thoughts of my sister and then Sammy at the same time I thought I was gonna pass out.

Dean took me down to Sam he saw my flesh wounds on my knees and the cuts bleeding on my hands but I didn't care I was too lost and dazed to hear the fight breaking out between Sam and Dean. I was too tired to continue to think the blood dropping to the floor. 'I'm just to tired.' I tried to focus into Sam's and Dean's fight but I physically could not there voices sounded distant like they went away with the wind to.

Sam punched Dean and thats when I finally snapped out of my daze,my head snapped towards the brothers Dean holding his face and Sam huffing out of breath,"Stop." I said fairly quiet,"I'm ready to go back." They looked at me,"Micheals still there-" I looked down."And?" I said they stared,"That sad low life f-ing bastard doesn't scare me and he never will."

The windows turned a red and we saw the red symbol pop back up. It took us back to my home. After that I blacked out from how tired i was.

~the next day brought to you by mini Sam and Dean~ Bobby caught the bastard on his own. So we had no more reasons to be here so we left. In the impala was quiet, "Ya know Sam, fake me and fake you married but I'm assuming they divorced." I thought I saw I little corner of the mouth turn up away from Dean but I didn't meantion it. I flipped open the picture.

'Why would Ruby have a picture of my sister she was like 7 here-'

Hi guys :D *Booing* I know I missed yesterdays dead line of posting I'm sorry I was really tired and this story was extra long and I wanted to have some mystries I will tie at the end of episode 10 so be looking forward cause we have 5 more episodes!!! I already have an idea of how I want this to end so yay!!! Also for the not posting part My eyes where bloodshot from zoom and then writting stories.

ANYways I will do another series of supernatural then maybe something else cause last night I couldn't sleep cause of my hatred for not posting but I did come up with another series!!!! Thank you fellow readers :D -lovesupernatual

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