meeting the idgits part 10
meeting the idgits
part 10

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Finally the end of the world is coming and you are scared and nervous but you can't shake that feeling at all and no matter what you can't let go of Sam or Dean and yet you have too and your broken heart too.

meeting the idgits part 10

I was standing in my room looking where Cas was standing,"You forgot your clothes." I said rolling my eyes at how that was a stupid move cause now he's just walking around with PJ's on and not only that those where Deans.'One day left,one.' I thought walking down the hall looking at my feet while thinking it. I walked into the laundry room throwing Cas's shirt in with some of other peoples stuff.

Most of the clothes where mine but I also threw in some of Sam's white shirts and Dean's suit white shirts with all the whites I was washing I thought the washer was gonna explode. I look at the clock now there being only 36 hours on the clock from when the world's gonna end. I was so lost when the washer made a really loud bang sound I flipped out and looked over only to see it was just the washer.

'Away end of the world thoughts.' I said to myself. I walked down the hall with the basket I was holding,I wasn't paying attention to anything around me when Sam came around the corner,"He-" I cut him off with a scream and a basket being thrown at him of course with nothing in it,"Jeez Sam you scared me!" I said hitting his chest, I picked up the basket.

"Are you okay?" he said puzzled. I knew that if I told him he would think it's a dumb reason to be freaking out over."The end of the world..." I said walking away.He lightly grabbed at my shirt to stop me from going but ended up brushing the scars on my back."Ouch..." I said fairly quite but he heard and he saw a glimpse of the pain I was in. He lifted up the shirt just enough to see the letters on my back.

I try pulling away,"Sam let-" I look back and he's in tears."Sam what's wrong." I asked, him losing his grip on my shirt. He wasn't answering my question no matter how many times I would ask. I finally hugged him."I'm sorry..." I said my voice slowly trailing off at the end.

~time skip~ Sam wouldn't talk to me,I don't think he's mad but I know he's not happy. I think Dean has recongized that."Focus we have 30 hours left...." he said we where all trying to finish the plan we had and with Sam ignoring everything I say is getting me pissed off, I got up out of the chair and acted like I was gonna go outside. The door was right behind him to the-

backyard so why not........I wandered over to the door but instead I turned around and hit Sam with a swift palm upward on the head,"WTH SAM YOU CAN'T IGNORE ME FOREVER!" He turned around finally acknowledging my endearing existence. He grabbed my hand and dragged me to another part of the house."Why did you lie to me?" he asked,I shy away hoping someone will come into this room interrupting us.

"Sam I lied to you because I didn't want you to worry." He shuffled to his right and then ran a hand through his hair he was upset and nervous it would get worse."well I'm fine now so stop ingnoring-" he completely cut me off,"How can I not worry?!" he said it as a question but the anger just seeped through his voice and came out as a demand."Sam-"he cut me off again rambling,"SAM MAYBE I LIED TO YOU-

BECAUSE I KNEW YOU WOULD DO THIS!" I said and stormed off out of the room and back to the basics of everyday for a good couple months,back into the hunting life and saving the world mode. I wasn't born to be normal I was a hunter and once your in this life you'll never get out. I sighed walking back up the stairs. Once I got in my room I grabbed a demon killing knife.

I ran back down the stairs with an outfit on and was about to run out the door."Hold up where are you going." I feel a tug on my plaid shirt I was wearing."Uhhhhhhh food." I said starting to walk again but get pulled back again."Dean will you let go?" I asked,"Unless you know you don't want the pie I was going to get for you?" I said."Don't bring pie into this!" he said and dragged me back into the research room,"Sit."

I sit down upset and annoyed."Why won't you let me go-" he puts a finger up as in gimme a sec. After more than a minute he closes the book and looks at me,"Where the hell do you think your going Y/N?" I crossed my arms." I may have had an idea to make Sam stronger for him to fight Lucifer." I said with a straight face,"And?" I rolled my eyes."Demon blood..."

Dean thought about it and knew that it was one way to make him stronger."I don't know it's risky." He said."But what if the plan fails without it." I said raising an eyebrow at the question. He hesitated answering the question but he finally did,"Fine..." he said I ran out the door,'well demons are everywhere so all I have to do is find one. Won't be too hard.....' my mind trailed off looking at all the people outside,'shit'

~4 hours later~ finally hours later one popped up all thanks to my trick but now I can't tell you a woman has to keep some of their secrets private. I salted every door where I was, It was kinda like an old farm but more modern and was in the city.'who built this just to abandon it?' I thought I heard her scoff outside and start saying something along the lines of,''I'm gonna slit your throat."

"I'd like to keep my throat thank you." I yelled it went quiet. 'I know where she's gonna try and get in from......the ROOF!' the roof collapses in while I moved out of the way she was just about to land on me but I'm too smart for her she stalks towards me but soon stops and her face burns,"Sorry about your "Pretty face" Mary." I said her name wasn't Mary of course but still she probably was one.(gilmore girls refrence.)

She was pissed that I caught her in a devil trap,but I made it quick for me at least. For her not so much.

~time skip~ We where standing outside the car saying our goodbyes, He got to me and we said goodbye and shook hands we where still pretty pissed at each other, we stood there for a second. He walked over to Cas,"Take care of them for me." Cas furrowed his brows,"That can't be possible Sam." I face palmed."Oh you wanted me to lie,Sure Sam I'll take care of them."

"No NO NO." Sam was shaking his head while he was saying that. he said bye to my dad and Sam then walked over to the car. He chugged down the 3 gallons of demon blood. I was very sad we didn't even hug or anything but it was too late he was a diffrent person now there was no point. Sam Dean and I all found Lucifer. Walking into the room carefully Luficer was near a window and he slowly turned his head towards us.

"ah Sam I was expecting you." he said looking at Sam,"Yes," Sam said very brave, "Finally I've been waiting." They then transfered,"I got him Dean!" he then said the thing you needed to say to open the gate back to hell. Sam then walked over to the hole as it was very windy and kinda hot.Sam turned his whole head towards us,"You really thought Sam could control me?" he said with a sinister smile.

Dean went flying across the room while I stayed in place. Lucifer???? Sam??? I don't know one of them stalked over to me, I backed away until I was pressed against the hard cold ripped up wall. I felt the cool nailed in boards against my now ripped shirt from the nails and against my cool skin. I couldn't back up anymore even if my head said back up if I backed up anymore the nails will end up in my back,

He stopped right in front of me, "Well Sam seems very protective over you but I thought you guys weren't talking anymore what a shame." He grabbed my arm very roughly and it hurt but I made no noise to indicate it did not even a single face expression, Bad move. He dragged me out of the house. my arm was tugging and pulling out of the socket and yet no noise was heard from me,

He knew it hurt for me but I pretended it didn't exsit it was just a figment of my imagination, It didn't matter right now if I had my arm ripped off or not what mattered was winning that's what I needed to focus on weather that was playing along or not. "where are we going?" I asked,"You'd be a great tool to use against your Sammy." I furrowed my eyebrow,"My Sammy where not together."

He smiled a deavous smile,"Well Sammy here-" he cut himself off,and started laughing,My arm was let go and I backed away from the most insane thing in the world. I grabbed at my wrist when all of a sudden we appeared in a place,"How are you not dizzy all day?" I asked,He looked at me,"Who says I'm not?" he said."I could see why your into her Sammy." he said looking into the mirorr it talked back

"You bastard." I heard the mirror say,"Looks like she's just gonna be mine Sammy.",he said grabbing me by the waist I tried to resist because well he's Lucifer and we are not best buds or friends with benefits so,"Get your hand off me before I slap you." I said looking at him with a F u face, he let me go and I started to try and walk away but nooooo instead he has to keep me near him,"I'll not kill her if you go off the plan."

"And I'm not one to make deals so take it or leave it Sammy." I look at the mirror and shook my head violently no."Deal." he said and I came back to my Dad's house,"Damnit!" I screamed I looked around and found a nice harley sitting at the end of a line of cars I ran down the line of cars and to the only maybe looking harley at the end,She needed a clean up,I grabbed the hose and hosed it down and cleaned the Harley

There was a nice skulls on the bike it was white and they all had diffrent patterns one skeleton was sitting on a couch and some where on the fender that where just skulls with green and the base of the bike was black. The handle bars where sliver. I sat on the bike and put in the key that was left on the bike, the engine started but I turned it off and it stopped I stood up and grabbed some gear for hunting,

I sped off down streets and ran every red light and down the highway.It wasn't far where I had to go.

~time skip~ I see the grave yard and see a ramp I could go on, I decided to jump it, I jumped it feeling it hit the grass more than once on the way down. I fell down to the floor and hear Dean getting beat up by Lucifer. "It's okay Sammy I'm here." I heard Deans rugged and ruffed up voice say. I ran as fast as I could towards Deans voice,"DEAN!" I called until all the noise stops.

I finally find Sam with his fist going for another punch but it never crashed into Deans bloody face,it felt like time stopped completely from all the adrelilene pumping through me and through my veins making my head spin and freak out. After what felt like years which was only a couple of minutes Sam snaps out of it."I got him." He said. 'the rings!',(Didn't feel like writting about five rings...

I'm lazy....) Before he took out the rings he looked at me I walked closer to him because I was away from them both, I walked up to him,I didn't care if I was hurt by him if Sam could no longer keep control,"Goodbye.....Sammy." I said tears welting in my eyes,"Goodbye." He said before anything else I gave him a quick hug taking in the scent of what I never thought would leave.

I feel something drapped over me I looked at my shoulders and see Sam's jacket, I backed up when he took out the rings and mubled the saying to open the gate Sam then stood at the end of the hole, He looked at what he had left,and raised his arms when Micheal popped up,"Sam I'm supposed to fight my brother!" Micheal said running up to him but Sam grabbed him falling into the hell hole.

I walked over and helped Dean up,He put his head on my shoulder and cried,When Cas popped up,he healed Dean's face,then walked over to my Dad and everyone is healthy again. My heart was aching and so was everyone elses,"come on Dean..." but he didn't budge from his spot he was at,"Ok when your ready..

go back to Lisa Dean..." I said walking away and inspecting the harley to see if it's still good to ride,"Bye Dean." I said getting the Harley back on it's wheels. I walked out the graveyard to see the roads,I feel someone give me a back hug and I know it's Dean,"Goodbye,Y/N." I put my hand on his forearm and put my head into his arm and close my eyes feeling the tears wanting to spew out if sadness.

He let go and I turned around lifting his sad head,"Go back to Lisa Dean she is your savor." I said putting my hand on his face,"Go...." I said smiling. He didn't look very happy what so ever about this,"But what about you?" I smiled,"It's not about me Dean this is about you right now go after what you want in life and work hard for it if you don't it'll turn out the way you didn't want it if you do it'll turn out perfect."

He was heartbroken we both where. "Sam would've wanted you to go with Lisa,because you love her I can tell so go...." I said trailing off at the end,I pulled my hand away and started to walk away,until I feel Dean's warm hand pull my hand back. He turned me around and pulled me into his chest,then I felt lips on mine,I didn't kiss back it was too much for me I then pushed myself away. I looked at him,"Dean I can't."

He was confused it was written all over his face,"Dean you don't love me your just sad and I don't want you to be like this just go....." I said my tears could no longer profound themselves the jumped out of my eyes and down my face making my face wet and a little cold."I'll see you around Dean..." I walked away and climbed onto my bike and drove off not looking back.

~1 year later~ I was sitting at my table I quit hunting after the whole Sam thing.I was looking through bills and bills I needed to pay but with the job I have as a waitress isn't really paying off."Damn...." I said covering my face with my hands,Then I heard glass shatter. I stood up and ran into the office I had. Then I grabbed a gun and a demon killing knife.I walked,

Down the hall slowly pointing my gun where the crash might've been. I found my bedroom window crashed in,"Huh?" there was nothing in here from what I could tell I felt a hand come around my mouth. I freaked out until I bit his hand. He let me go I pointed my gun at him...."Sam?!"

AN: god the series is almost over 😖 i don't want it to be overrr I will miss this story when it's done,it's been alot of fun writting it and I love to write the stories and the characters it makes me not bored😉

but sadly it's almost over because we only have 10 episodes left isn't that crazy. At first I wasn't really into the story itself cause I thought i could've wrote it better but I feel like the more epsiodes there where the more I got into it and now I don't want it to end soon....😔😖😳 but thank you guys so much for reading and supporting me I really appreciate it.

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