Meeting the idgits part 9
Meeting the idgits 
part 9 supernatural stories

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When you finally snap towards your father Bobby Singer you leave with a bag and two brothers and an angel on your side to save the world together but as Sam and Dean start to fall deeper in love with you,you notice the riveraly between the two brothers.

Meeting the idgits part 9

Me and Sam where still not talking he was mad I kept saying no to him and every time we talked we argued, we where both to stubborn,"What you got for me Sammy?" Dean said looking over to Sam researching,"Well if we would just go with my plan-" I cut him off,"Sam where not going with your PLAN!" I said not loud but not quiet either,"AND WHY NOT!" He kept pushing.

"Sammy I'm NOT ARGUING WITH YOU RIGHT NOW!!!" I said yelling at him.It went quiet,"Well we'll continue working on it I guess." Dean said making the conversation end.

~time skip~ I was sleeping in my room and was staring at the ceiling,Dean was sleeping in my room and Sam was on the couch. I sighed and rolled over to my side facing the wall."You can't continue to be mad at Sam for long honestly Sam's plan is the only one we got." I sat up,"I'm not mad at him...." Dean was confused,"Then what makes you guys argue so much?"

"I'm not mad at him I'm just worried that it won't work and I don't want to loose him forever." He didn't want to either,"It's a good plan though I don't want to loose Sam either." I looked at Dean."Let's do it." I said with tears in my eyes,"Your right it is the only plan."

~Sam's POV~ I was on the couch while was in the living room Dean was in Y/N's room,"You can't stay mad at Y/N forever." I hear Bobby say. I wasn't asleep yet and I was sitting up drinking a beer,"Yea I know." I said,"She ain't mad at ya." I was a little suprised,"She's not?!" Bobby laughed a little,"No ya idgit she does this to me to." I was relieved,"Y/N will come around and accept your plan,

She's just worried about ya and she just doesn't want to loose another person." I looked at Bobby confused,"Who did she loose?" I asked curious."Poor Y/N she lost her sister right before her own eyes basically she turned around for one second and heard a scream and she was gone then walked into loosing her mother she was just 7 and out there for an hour crazy right she really has only had me so now that she-

has you guys she doesn't want to loose either you nor Dean." Bobby said."She never told me this stuff." Bobby furrowed his eyebrows,"She doesn't have to ya idgit!"

~Your pov~ I woke up to a gentle shake on my shoulder.I groaned because I was tired,"Go away stupid cow!" I then hear a small whisper,"Cow?! I ain't no cow!" I hear a laugh behind me that then turns into a busted out full on laugh I'm assuming towards whatever demon woke me up."Go away you demons!" they thought I was dreaming but I meant the demon part not the cow.

"And I mean the demon part stupid Winchesters I meant every word of that sentence......and maybe a little bit of the cow part too..." I said. I feel me being wrapped up in my comforter and then a pull of the comforter sent me rolling to the floor literally. I see Dean laughing at me while holding the comforter and I then grab the comforter pulling him down on the way then we where both laughing at ourselves and each other.

~small time skip~ After awhile I walked out of my room wearing a marron leather jacket with some black jeans my hair was curled and then some simple biker boots with a heel. I sat in the downstairs chair I look around and see everyone doing boring stuff when I then hear,"Ahem I'm gonna get breakfast you and Sam can research together." Some how I felt this jealousy in Dean's voice but

nobody was gonna get food so Dean had to do it."Okay Dean make sure it's good food and not the crappy food you get from a drive in okay?" I said yelling when he was about to go out the door,"OKAY!" he yelled back I thought I heard him mumble something and I thought I saw Sam get a little angry.It was quite while I flipped through books."Too bad there's no 'How To Stop Lucifer And Micheal before ending the-

World' books." I said with a humble smile and laugh towards Sam.'That was the first sentence we said to each other without getting into a fight.' I said smiling to myself looking at a book."That would be pretty nice." Sam said with a smile,"We could make one and get rich or fail and put all that hard work into a how to book and just for it to not take off." I said with another smile.

"That would suck." He said and then it went silent,"Can we...." We said the same thing at the same time,"You first..." Sam said,"Well could we talk about the plan to save the world?" Sam's smile faulter and then he seemed to get a little upset thinking I was going to yell at him or something,"Let's go with your plan Okay.....Sam?"I put my hand on his hand and smiled at him almost crying with my voice cracking in between-

My sentence a little,He was quiet and seemed sad about something,"You Okay Sammy?" I asked him trying to make eye contact by lowering my head a little I still had my hand on his."Yea Okay thank you for agreeing with my plan,I-" he then stopped himself from saying something I think he was going to regret,"Okay Sam just tell me how you want to take action to the plan okay?"

"Okay Y/N." he said with a smile I pulled my hand away and continued researching to catch Sam's gaze ever so often staring.

~time skip~ I heard the click of the front door Sam and Dean went out for something,"Hey Sam,Dean?" They came into the room taking off there jackets,"Hey." they both said to me I smiled towards them. I hear the door again open and close to hear atleast 4 feet shuffle into the warm heated house out from the cold,"Hey Y/N." I didn't look up from the book I was reading, "Hey Dad."

I had a warm fire going because I got cold and I was reading near and the fire's heat radiating off of it and hitting my skin."Hey Y/N." I looked up from my book,"Uncle Rufus how are you?" I asked getting up and walking over to him hugging him."You've changed coming up and hugging me except for the book part." I pulled away smiling at him while we laughed. I was euphoric in the moment.

I walked over to where I was sitting and put my book back on the shelf,"Aren't you going to finish it?" Sam asks me."Nah I read that book at least 12 times already." I said smiling towards him. He laughed a little because he understood the feeling of having nothing to read.

~time skip to later in the night~ "Bye Uncle Rufus keep warm okay!" I said waving to him. He waved back responding with an okay. I closed the door gently and peeked into the "Living room," or the "Office Room" dad made to whatever he wanted too. I saw Sam passed out on the couch with Dean passed out on the couch too I smiled and put a blanket over them and turned off the light looking into the kitchen.

Dad was sitting in there looking through books,"Dad...." I said whispering,"what?" he said kinda loud,"SHHHH the boys are sleeping and I'm gonna shower and go to bed okay goodnight love ya." I said popping my head back into the office where it conected to the kitchen through a door I closed the door to the kitchen and snuck upstairs.

~time skip to after getting ready for bed~ I looked at my clock it read,'12:50' I turned away from my clock and climbed into bed turning off the main light in my room and turning on my reading one. I started reading, About an hour into my reading I heard shuffling in the hall my dad went to bed 30 minutes ago and from what I know Sam and Dean where still sleeping.

I grab a couple of diffrent knives and got into a ready position, I was a little nervous cause I never had a monster or ghost follow me home and I didn't want to be loud. I walked into the dark and quiet hall which the shuffling had stopped I looked behind me when i ran into a chest I instintly freaked out and started fighting whatever was there until it broke my wrist.

I kept quiet but it hurt like hell it wasn't broken all the way but it was fractured I had three knives but I dropped my other one so I had only two on me. I took them both out on both hands and started going at it. I soon got to the railing to see Sam and Dean asleep and the moonlight lit the hall to the point where I saw Cas."God-" Cas was away from me then he soon walked up to me and just fell on me and tapped my wrist.

Making it heal I dragged him into my room seeing he got hurt from an angel knife,"What the hell happened this time Cas?" he told me the story while I got some supplies to clean it. I started taking off his trench coat and hung it up on my coat rack. "It this going to turn into the pizza man and the girl." I looked at him and blinked and started laughing,"What?" I laughed harder and finally I stopped-

Laughing,"Ew no Cas I'm just trying to get to your wound." I said giggling while taking off his tie. He looked down with his eyes furrowed. He was being weird."You okay no blood rushing to your head right." I laughed a little."No." he said not even smiling.I unbuttoned his shirt he sat there and didn't move."Looks like stiches man." I said.I quickly disenfected a needle and quickly took thread.I soon got the stiches-

done quickly and efficiently.I disenfected the area more and soon put a bandage on the stiches."Try not to move around to much." I said putting his shirt back on him and buttoned it up. "Here just rest and let me know if you need anything okay?" I said walking back into the hall. I grabbed a blanket and a pillow and walked back into the room. I put the blanket on the floor and my pillow,"Good night Cas."

"Goodnight even though I don't-" i cut him off,"Shush and just sleep jeez." he shuts up and I soon fall asleep. I woke up to the sound of pots and pans I roll over to see me in my bed with Cas still awake lying in it,"WTF CAS WTH!!" I said falling off my bed,"Are you okay?" he asks me,"I gave you the bed Cas I don't need it," He cut me off,"You looked tired so I moved you." I face palmed.

"Stay here I'll get you some clean clothes from one of the guys." I said walking to the doorway,"I mean stay Cas if I come back and see you gone ima be pissed so stay." I said pointing a finger at him and then walked out,"Hey Dean!" i heard a voice,"What?!" he asked,"Ima use your shirt and pants for Cas cause he almost died last night." I heard no response so I took it as a go for it.I found some actual clean-

stuff and gave it to Cas,"Here." he started changing,"CAS CHANGE WHEN I LEAVE." I said running out,'idgit!' I go back awhile later he's looking at my stuff,"Breakfast-" I looked shocked he found my diary, I ran over and snatched it back,"Don't touch this possetion ever again." I said glaring,"Why is Sam and Dean on a 'Hate list'?" he asked."No reason." I pulled him down stairs.

Everyone is up and not dressed so I didn't feel out of place,"Breakfast-" Bobby looked at Cas,"Why is he here." i rolled my eyes annoyed I have to explain it,"He almost died there he came here and I almost put him out of his misery basically." I said leaving out some parts of it. Bobby looked at me and then at Cas burning holes into his eyes Cas like the idgit he is says,

"Don't worry we did not do anything like the pizza man and the girl did." Bobby was confused but while my toast toasted I face palmed,Sam was snickering and Dean was full out laughing he wasn't even ashamed of it,"You two knock it off." I mouthed towards them. "What the hell?!" he looked towards me, I put up my hands in defense and pointed towards them,"Blame them they like that stuff." I said snickering.

"YOU IDGITS!" Dad was soon pissed off and yelling at them I was laughing at them now and Cas stood there. We finally sat down for breakfast it was quite awkward,"So Casteil-" I glared at Dean while he soon made fun of me without my Dad knowing, Honestly I was laughing to a little during breakfast."AHEM,I'm going upstairs...." I said looking at Dad,and soon walked upstairs.

I gathered up Cas's stuff. He appeared next to me and i jumped,"I'll sew up your shirt and wash it too." I said and smiled taking the clothes from him."You have a day." he said I turned around and he was gone.

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