meeting the idgits part 8
meeting the idgits 
part 8 supernatural stories

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When you finally snap towards your father Bobby Singer you leave with a bag and two brothers and an angel on your side to save the world together but as Sam and Dean start to fall deeper in love with you,you notice the riveraly between the two brothers.

meeting the idgits part 8

"I feel like where forgetting something?" I said feeling very off."Really we can go back-" I cut Sam off,"No I mean like literally forgetting something," I look over and see Cas sitting right next to me,"AH,Cas god damnit a little warning would be nice before you pop up how about address yourself!"He looked at me,"You forgot about the end of the world is in two days."

"oh yea." I said and suddenly I blurted,"TWO DAYS!!" I said fairly loud. Dean was also talking to Cas about something but I zoned out,

"It's your fault." 'this voice again in the blackness.' "Dean's gonna save you the only way he knows how by selling his percious soul to save a pathetic one your lucky he even really loves you." I was confused,"WHAT?!" I was screaming."DEAN NO DON'T DO IT I'M USELESS TO SAVE,Dean no......" I heard a laugh of attitude come from the voice,

and then nothing no blue skys just black,"I don't want to be here,get away from me,NO NOOOOOOOOO!" I heard my own peircing screams and pain go through my body it felt as if I was having to much pain to hold and I felt like It was an eternity of hell in darkness, even though I was only dead for a week.

"Y/N you okay." I was snapped out of this weird flashback from when I was dead,"I'm okay." I said fairly dead. Sam looked at Dean and I didn't care. I looked out at the blue sky, and then at the door,the pain I felt was written on my back with red marks and scars along with me bleeding just from looking back at it.

~time skip~ We stopped at my Dad's place and started making a plan,"So what's the plan for the saving of the world guys?" I asked pain still on my back but I just pretended it never happened."Well maybe I should say yes." Sam said I was shocked at what he said,"You can't say yes to lucifer Sam!" I said louder than what it was supposed to be.

"And why not?!" I felt like we where gonna have an arguement about this and this arguement was not going down where everyone was watching,"Upstairs Sam....NOW!" I screamed the now louder than the rest of the sentance. He obliged walking over to the steps and up the stairs. I went up there too walking fairly behind him to the point where Dean was talking about Sam's plan.

"What the HELL Sam?!" He looked at me,"Well it's not like we have any other plan I'll trap him like Bobby trapped a demon in him." He said making a reasonable point,"My Dad and him being possessed by a demon it's different than YOU being possessed by Lucifer for F*** sake!" he was surprised by the language I used towards him."We DON'T have any other plan!"

"HOW ARE YOU PLANING THIS PLAN SAM WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED!" I was finally at my wits end. I turned away from him and started walking away from him only for him to stop me by grabbing my arm."Why is your back bleeding!" he asked me I couldn't worry him so I played it off,"I don't know what your talking about Sam!?" I said continued to be annoyed by him.

"You don't know why your back is bleeding?" He said still annoyed that he couldn't get me to say yes to his plan."I really don't I didn't even know I was bleeding." I said lying through my teeth,"Your lying!" He knew I was and that's why I'm lying,"SO WHAT!?" I walked out of the room leaving Sam there,'If he wants to have this plan to work so bad he has to figure out a new one.'

I walked down stairs to see Dean and Dad working on the plan that they wanted to happen,"Can't we intercept it?" I walked over into the room,"Pretty sure you can't intercept a national Lucifer and Micheal war Dean." I said. "I'll be back." I grabbed a fresh shirt out of my bag and walked into the bathroom. I took off my shirt and turned around looking at my back the best I could.

It looked to be scarred and cut. There was a 'A' carved into my back,'WHAT THE F***!' I felt pain in my back again to see there being carved a new letter,'N' 'what AN?' I was confused but I stopped the bleeding and put the fresh shirt on me. I walked back outside the bathroom and looked around to see everyone back at the table.

Sam was sitting at a chair near the table I looked around to see them finding a new plan.I walked up the stairs and into my room going over to my desk looking at the things I didn't take along with me.

~flashback~ I turned around when I heard shuffling into the doorway, I turned around and see Sam in the hallway,"Hey Sam!" I said with a smile.

Me and Sam where just messing around and play fighting when he pushed me too hard and I went toppiling over down the hill at the park,"WEEEEEEE,F*** YOU SAMMY!" I said laughing all the way down he came running down and checked to see if I was okay and of course I was a fall wasn't going to kill me.

I was sitting at the desk researching when Sam came back with Dean after getting food and looking at the new case we where working on he looked at me and dropped a boutique bag right next to me on the table,"what you get at a boutique please tell me some kind of sideburn razor!" I said joking around he laughed,"Look in the bag." I did to see a really pretty bracelette,"Oh Sammy this is so pretty thank you!"

I hugged him, It had a pretty abelone with a sanddollar sign on the front the bracelettle had a silver lining around it."Really Sam thank you it's beautiful." I said with a smile.

~end of flashbacks~ I looked at the desk to see the braclette I left when crowely sent us to the twlight zone,"I thought I lost this." I said with a smile on my face,'Sam even if we are mad at each other................I know we'll forgive each other cause that's how the Winchesters work with the Singers.' I said slipping on the braclette.

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