You messaged me! Well... kind of...
You messaged me! 
Well... kind of... message stories

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You messaged me! well... kind of...

You messaged me! Well... kind of...

OMG! you finally messaged me about the catch up tomorrow! well, kind of. Yes, you messaged me which was progress in itself but all you wanted to know was time and place, kind of blunt...

but still glad you messaged!

But you sounded kind of... distant? You were barely messaging me back and when you did message it wasn't even related to our conversation, were you even interested? :(

And then I find out that your'e having two conversations at once?!

So after you completely ghosted me for so long you then message me, barely might I add...

also talking to someone else and finally not even paying attention or caring about us hanging out the next day?!

Oh and also wanted to know about 'deets' and having about a 30 second conversation? yeah nice one.

UGHHH! If you weren't a fricken heart throb and perfect i'd just walk away... but i will always know i never truly can.

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