It's so difficult...
It's so difficult... sad stories

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Sometimes it's so difficult...

It's so difficult...

I want to message you all the time so you'll never feel the loneliness that plagues my very soul.

But I don't want to come off too clingy...

I just want to bluntly tell you how much you mean to me, how much I wish we could be something more, how much I miss seeing you around University.

But I don't know if you feel, truly, the same way about me...

The little moments when we are face-to-face, I long for, the moments where I just want your lips on mine, the craving, as much as I need oxygen to survive.

But I feel like this love is not reciprocated...

I'm sorry that I message you, I'm sorry that I'm interested in you from the first time I saw that smile of yours, I'm sorry I want to know more about you, I'm sorry I bother you with my messages.

But being left on 'read' is killing me slowly...

It's so difficult...

Love Sick Notes x

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