Just a Scratch
Just a Scratch short story stories

lovesdeanthomas Part of the bts army and poetry is life,
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"How did that happen?" Waking up and finding somehow you injured yourself and not remembering how. Like that, but 10x worse and higher consequences.

Just a Scratch

Blood trickling down my arm unknown of it's history.

"I'm getting tired of this." Luna spat.

Day in and day out she finds herself having an hour of time being slipped from her mind. Luna ends up trudging to the bathroom to reveal what kind of gash awaits her this time.

It was just a scratch she discovered yesterday morning on her leg she found it to be no big deal shit like this happens all the time.

She thought she probably just rubbed it against the bed she tried to build herself because one can always trust Ikea. The issue was this past week her injuries only have seemed to have advanced.

Luna checks the mirror to find a deep gash in her arm that would require some heavy stitching. So Luna grabs the needle and some gauze from behind the mirror.

She knows she can't keep going on like this she needs answers for her constant injuries.

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