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present condition of West Bengal, India. what will happen if humanity is lost forever?


Rachel, a poor woman works hard everyday,

To gift her son a better future and better today

She works as a maid in many homes,

But weaves a dream to see her son as doctor.

Misfortune hunted her down,

Her son fell from the stairs.

'Paralysis', the doctor said,

'Don't worry we can treat him,

He will be better soon.

Just pay the money and meet him after he is cured.

25th December was that day,

She would never forget even today.

Working, hard somehow she paid the bills,

Thinking her child was taking pills,

Sitting near the reception once she saw,

A paper falling on the floor.

Picking it up she saw,

The death certificate of Robert, her son.

The certificate dated 25th December.

Seeing the paper

Her heart grew heavy and she fell,

She cursed the doctor to go to hell,

Never did she open her eyes again.

She died with a expression of shock and betrayal.

Robert was dead,

So was Rachel,

But whose death was more severe?

The doctor dies everyday of the guilt that he bears,

The guilt of separating a mother from her child,

The guilt of greed and inhumanity,

Who died first?

Of course the doctor,

He was already dead, when humanity in him died.

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