Just Breath: Chapter One
Just Breath: Chapter One x reader stories

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In this book there is fighting, blood, gorey stuff, flirting, gender neutral reader, inappropriate convocations, a little hint of incest (its not inappropriate, is an innocent type love), weapons, age gape, If I missed anything please tell me.

Just Breath: Chapter One

You and your dog ran through the forest as it rained, jumping over fallen trees and stepping on rocks and twigs just to catch one goblin.

You were trying not to slip on the mud meanwhile your dog; Oakley was having an easier time.

"Note to self; never try to fight goblins or chase any of them" you think to yourself as you almost get close to grabbing the goblin when you trip over some rocks and fell face first into the mud.

Oakley stopped running and rushed over to you to make sure you were okay. Meanwhile, the goblin was laughing their ass off.

You sat up and brought your hand to your face as your best friend growled at the goblin, scaring it off.

"Dammit," you cursed under your breath as you tried not to break down from how annoying everything has been for the last nine hours.

Oakley was still growling, but he looked over at you with concern in his eyes. "Hey, are you okay?" a soft masculine voice inquired from next to you.

The man tried to reach out and grab you, but out of reflex, you stabbed him right in his hand.

Your eyes widened realizing what you just did "Oh god, I'm so sorry" you apologized and stood up on your feet, patting your german shepherd to let him know that it's okay.

You reached out to the male right when he took out the knife and grinned at you, "It's okay, I didn't feel a thing" he examined your knife.

"I hope you won't mind but I will keep this with me till I get you out of the rain." After he said that, it snapped you out of your small, little trance you were in.

"I do mind, give it back," you ordered as you gave a brief glare. The glare faded as you examined him.

His black hair suck to his face as the rain fell against his head, his amber eyes shined as if the sun was still visible, even if it has been a couple minutes, there was no kind of pain in his eyes at all.

You looked over his face; he had a beauty mark on his left cheek. "Your beautiful," the male complemented you as you examined his hand.

His blood dripped down to the ground with rain that fell over it. "You need to get your hand patched up," you spoke, ignoring his compliment.

"I know a place," he declared with a smile on his face and held your hand with his hurt one. He led the way, and Oakley followed with his tail wagging.

You kept your nervousness away when you saw him, but that's all you could feel as you let the black-haired man lead you somewhere.

He looked back at you, still smiling "I forgot to tell you, but my name is Nathan, what is yours?"

"(Y/N), I guess it's nice to meet you"

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