Baby, Please??
Baby, Please?? otps stories

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this is an AU where they're not in the watch but both of them are in Prime Ben's world
(got this inspiration while playing Sims 4 and that came up in their thought bubble)

Baby, Please??

It was a long day even after fighting all of the bad guys alongside in town lately when they both returned back to homebase which was Plumbers Headquarters.

and then,

there was a blue ice like alien who was 7 foot tall sitting at the table still calm but drained from all the crime fighting that has been done until the lava lamp like alien who was

also tall came in the entrance with a really tired expression and joined him at the table too with no one else around in the break room.

They both realized that all the crime fighting really took up their time which made the both of them miss each other really much a whole lot when Gwen suggested that they take a vacation to

be together and connect.

Iceblock, a blue ice crystal like alien noticed Lavaglobb, his lava lover joining in during the break at the table,

happy to see him for once in the lifetime since the Volcaniusterran meant so much to him once they started dating ever since.

"Lavaglobb" he said

Lavaglobb looked up as Iceblock wanted to say something to him

"There has been a whole lot going on in town lately and Gwen suggested we take a vacation from all of this and reconnect with each other because I really, really,

miss you a whole lot so I wanted "us" time. Just you and me."

They were looking forward to being away from the hustle and spending the whole vacation together at last finally when the lava lamp alien brought it up which Iceblock did not pay attention to.

"I wanna try for a baby" Lavaglobb insisted

With Iceblock's species being the calm type somehow became confused when he said it.

"And how are we gonna do that?

" "We only have male parts!!" Iceblock pointed out the obvious part which was a really embarrassing thing to bring up at the job which made both aliens even more really embarrassed at this point.

"Maybe Gwen might have some good information about that and maybe on our species as well because of her anthropology studies she did too" Lavaglobb reassured him that everything will

be fine once they learn more about it

"Are you sure? and maybe Rook would be good for that too."

"also that sounds like ALOT of responsibility especially when it comes to having kids too like people say." Iceblock said with a blush on his face

Lavaglobb nodded to his question when he asked the question that if he was sure he's ready to take on the next step of life.

"Like have you heard of that story where one of Ben's alien gave birth to 14 babies? and I'm not joking, Gwen and Kevin told me that story about that once.

" Iceblock told Lavaglobb what they told him

"He even ate metal and pickles, then made a nest in a middle of nowhere?" Lavaglobb asked, sounded kind of surprised when he heard the whole story about Big Chill.

He nodded yes and told him he wasn't even lying

"That's because Necrofriggans does that crap around every 80 years" He stated the fact once they agree to Gwen's advice and start that journey with vacation and new journey to parenthood.

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