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Chapter 3: @$ome0n3swatch1ng I wake up to the sound similar to my head banging against a wall. But I knew something was up when my head was hurting worse than that. I turn over I realize it’s just my alarm going off.

Lasting Love

Chapter 3: @$ome0n3swatch1ng

I wake up to the sound similar to my head banging against a wall. But I knew something was up when my head was hurting worse than that. I turn over I realize it’s just my alarm going off.

I turn it off and change the sound of my alarm to my favorite song. “Electric” By: Alina Baraz and Khalid. So, that way I have a way more peaceful awakening tomorrow.

I creep past my sisters’ beds that way they don’t know I’m up. I grab my outfit, toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear, bra, and hair necessities and move my way down to the bathroom downstairs.

That way, the mess in the upstairs bathroom, I have nothing to do with. I get ready for school and at 5:45 a.m. I get my sisters up for school. It was Wednesday so I didn’t have practice.

I pack my bookbag and walk to the bus stop where my Bestest Guy Friend (T.J.) is waiting for me.

I know by now you see I don’t hang out with many girls but that is because all of the girls out here want to be perfect princess’ and I don’t, so I hang out with guys who like me for me.

Like T.J he’s been my best friend since kindergarten. Our parents know each other, and we went to 8th grade formal as friends and we went to the movies afterwards. T.

J is the only guy my Marcus WON’T threaten to shoot. Why? Because T.J was raised by a wonderful mom and a marine dad. So, respect to women is everything.

He waited at the bus stop for me to give him a hug. We both walked on the bus a shared a seat. I only sat with him because you can’t go wrong with this guy.

We talk about Kameron and he said he thinks I might get catfished. I told him that couldn’t happen to me because this guy goes to Pattenville High. Which is about the miles away from our school.

He laughs at my confidence at we get off the bus and go to breakfast. Kameron texts me “good morning” and I answer back.

He asked me how my sleep was I told him “normal” because I didn’t want to worry him.

“How’d you sleep Kaiya.” T.J asked me.

“I barely got any”

“I really think you should tell your mom”

“I’m NOT telling her anything. She’s just gonna think I’m being a drama queen.”

“Alright Kaiya.”

What him and I were blabbering about was my sleeping. I have sleep deprivation. I’m not able to sleep long enough to last through the day.

I toss and turn every night and I go on a run every morning. Sometimes I can’t sleep because of my nightmares. I know I’m 14 and don’t need to worry about nightmares but I’ve been traumatized.

I got into this plane crash when I was 12. I was on my way to Los Angeles and we had to take two different planes. One of us had to ride a plane with a bunch of strangers. I volunteered.

So, I got on the plane when not even 30 minutes into the ride and the plane is struck by lightning. The pilot told us not worry. Luckily, we landed in water and not many people got hurt.

But it was a traumatizing experience for me. T.J said if it goes on any longer he’ll tell his mom and she can help me instead of my mom helping me. I told him to give me a month.

We negotiated and agreed to three weeks. We went to class and he told me he’d see me at lunch T.J is the best. Him and I act like a couple but we’re just good friends.

My phone was vibrating in my back pocket while I was doing my work. All the classes are a signal block except for my first hour so I was pretty satisfied.

It was Kameron! He asked me questions and told me so more about his self. He helped me get through the day quicker. He told me that he wants to get me a new cell phone. I told him no.

He kinda got upset but got over it quickly. I told him about my situation at home. If you don’t know here.

I have three sisters. One is 18 (Tammy), one is 15 (Rosetta) and one is 11 (Daniella). All my sisters are total buttfaces. Tammy moved out and is back in Georgia.

When my step dad died after a couple of months my mom found Marcus on a cruise. Then we moved to Baltimore.

My sister Rosetta didn’t want to move but once we did she caused a bunch of trouble Junior year of high school and ended up in Juvey for 10 months. So, it was just my little sister and me.

We got into a bunch of trouble but we both ended up on a cruise. My mom is a drinker and a smoker. She smokes cigarettes. Her boyfriend, Marcus, vapes and smokes cigarettes and drinks.

My mom drinks so much sometimes that she takes her anger out on the closest living organism. Majority of the time it’s me.

That’s why I dress in sweats, hoodies, Jeans, anything that doesn’t show much skin because I’m covered in so many scars. But for cheerleading the scars don’t really show.

So, sometimes I wear shorts and dresses but only when I must. My family despises me. I’ve been planning to leave the house for a while.

But, I learned from a friend to just “Observe and Don’t Discuss.” It’s a way of telling myself no matter how angry I get just walk away and stay calm.

The only helpful advice that Marcus has given me is that the loudest person in the room is the weakest. That’s why when my mom and him yell at me I just say ok.

I’ve been abused and I’m not very happy here, but I only have a couple of years left here so I just keep my mouth shut and stay in my room.

Kameron told me to promise him to stay strong. It was Wednesday so I didn’t have practice.

That meant it was the day I stayed in my room and poured my feelings out into my sketchbook and my journal. Why Wednesday? You ask. It’s the only day I have to myself.

Monday, Tuesday and Friday I have practice. Thursday’s, we have Junior Varsity Games (I go home and get ready to cheer at the games). Wednesday’s are the only days we have off.

I pull out my journal, doodle a picture in the back (the topic) and I write over it. I write in different fonts each time Calibri (Body), Script MT Bold, Forte.

Those are my favorites! I pop my headphones in and push my favorite button in the world. The shuffle button on Spotify. I write until I fill the whole page.

I pullout my sketchbook and draw a cycle of hearts. To represent the dangers of love. There are 6 stages.

1. Perfect Condition (the start of love.)

2. Broken into 2. (minor damage that can be fixed with tiny actions a simple “I’ll never do it again”).

3. Broken into 6 pieces (damage that takes a while to fix)

4. Broken into 10 pieces (You finally give up and walk away)

5. Shattered (Dealing with the aftermath)

6. Under construction (he builds you up and fixes you once again.)

And…... Bam you’re back to square one. I’ve been through this cycle a couple of times. With many different types of heartbreakers.

The freaky type, normal type, the “we can’t be together”, the “we can still be friends”. That’s why I don’t move so fast with Kameron. He doesn’t really get it. But he pretends to.

Kameron keeps texting me and I keep ignoring him. But after he started texting me the alphabet. I told him I was busy, and I’ll text him back when I was done. He stopped texting then.

Him and I were so much alike. The whole alphabet thing he started doing that after I told him I do that to my best friend 2.0 (Jackson), when he reads an doesn’t respond.

I gave my cycle of heartbreak a charcoal finish, and it was dark. I spend a lot of time on my art. Any kind of art. Singing, dancing, drawing, cooking. I’m multitalented.

Well, as I’ve been told by other people. Sometimes I think I’m actually pretty good. Other times, I think I sound like (as said by my mom) “A cat in a blender”.

Yep, she says it and the family agrees. So, when people tell me that I’m talented I think they’re just saying because they feel sorry for me.

I finally answer Kameron and he sends me a picture of the scoreboard of the quiz link in my bio. He got the highest score.

He was so happy! He was like “I got the highest score and we just started talking yesterday!” I told him I was about to hop in the shower, but he asked me for my number, so we could facetime.

I gave it to him and he called. I labeled him as Kameron with two hearts and called him back. His voice was so deep. He was cute, and he asked me if we could date.

I told him I’ll sleep on it and then he said good night.

I went to sleep stomaching the thought that I had a crush on him. So, I slept. And dreamt. And awakened. To…...

Hey Guys!!!! Its me. Lunaa. I'm so happy you guys are loving my book. this bookis based on a true story. I won't tell you who until the end of the book. Let me know if i should keep going.


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