The Moon's Scars - Trailer
The Moon's Scars - Trailer lunar chronicles stories
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The Trailer for Lunar Chronicles Fanfiction

The Moon's Scars - Trailer

As she looked at the poster of the ambassador Winter she couldn't help but remember all the scars her mother left behind.

Both physically, like the three knife wounds that will forever mark Winter's face.

And emotionally, like the deaths of those who got infected by Letumosis.

Like the men who's humanity was taken from them cruelly.

The same men that she sees everyday working to go back to something that they can call normal.

But will she be able to let the past go?

Especially the past actions of her mother?

Or will she be forever burdened by the past?

"I don't know why you let this get to you. Leave what happened in the past to be. Everyone is fine now and she is gone."

"But I'm not fine! Everyday I see people who have lost loved ones because of the rebellion.

Everyday I see men who have been turned into animals of some kind try and make their lives somewhat normal again. But there is no cure for the grief. There is no cure for the genetic changes.

And why did all this happen? Because my cruel mother did this, and so did my aunt and my grandparents and my ancestors.

I don't understand how you can even expect me to just forget what happened when I am her daughter?

And the worst part is that no one knows. I can't tell anyone about it or I could get killed for just being her daughter.

I am truly alone. And the guilt is eating at me from the inside out."

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