The Impossible
The Impossible fantasy stories

lovelace123 Simply an aspiring writer~
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The wall has been breached. But by what? The possibilities are endless. Though some how it seems impossible that it is a human.

The Impossible

The dangling limbs of the willow tree blew wildly in the wind, reaching like hands towards the women sitting beneath it's unfurled branches.

Her laugh was hearty and pure as she gazed up at the tree in admiration, a lovely smile gracing her perfect lips.

"Lady of The North," A fox panted as he came bounding down the hill.

The women stood, straightening her white cloak, and turned to the great red fox. His snout opened once more to speak but he heaved another breath before responding, "There's...

a breach in the wall, My lady."

With widened eyes and a gaping mouth, she gripped her bow and slung an arrow through it.

The fox lead her to a crevice within the border where she noted fabric hanging loose on the rocks.

"Prepare for anything. Bring me any suspicious being that you might discover. May the Angels of Somber aid you in your search," She said, narrowing her ice blue eyes at the sight.

The fox nodded slightly and hurried off to the rest of her small army, his tail whipping like the branch's of the willow in the window.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and found her husband peering at her.

"I heard there was a breach in the border," He remarked. "What do you believe escaped through here?"

"A human,"The women whispered, the words struggling to make their way through her mouth.

They both stared at each other, knowing that it was impossible. But here was the evidence right in front of them.

"A...human? That's... that's-"

"-impossible," She finished.

He blinked, now studying the small gap in the rocks. "I thought humans were just a myth..."

"Now we know that they live."

By Lovelace123 Hello! This writing is fairly old, most of the things I have posted are. This was a fun little fantasy piece I did a while ago. Cheers! I hope you enjoyed reading.

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