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After the death of her twin brother, Emery has isolated herself from her family and her friends. She finds herself obsessing over mystery books. When a mystery arrives, will she be able to solve it?


She took a spoonful of sugar and plopped it into her cup of tea, stirring the hot liquid as she spoke, "I heard your son died this last winter. My condolences for your family.

Over the phone you said you have a daughter, correct?"

The other woman nodded, straightening her dress. "That is correct, Mrs. Falcon. She took her brother's death quite hard over the past months.

They were twins, you see, always getting on each others' nerves but they were close. She's just not been as lively since he passed..."

Mrs. Falcon raised an eyebrow, sipping her cup of tea, and then placing it on its tray. "Did you try a doctor?"

"Yes, of course. But the medicine didn't help. She barely leaves her room as it is.."

"Modern day medicines never work. You'd be better off sending her somewhere where she will learn manners, etiquette, obedience, and tenacity. Somewhere like my school."

The other woman laughed humorlessly. "That's exactly why I called."

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