Free Story Prompts By LoveLace123 (a.k.a. @FilmRose.)
Free Story Prompts 

By LoveLace123 (a.k.a. @FilmRose.) free writing prompts stories

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Free story prompts. If you use them I would prefer if you give me credit but you don't have to.

Free Story Prompts By LoveLace123 (a.k.a. @FilmRose.)

Beginning Story Writing Prompts: (Third-person, descriptive beginnings.)

PLEASE READ! THIS APPLIES TO ALL STORIES! Notes: ___ = an insert for your character(s) name. --- = an insert for character(s) pronouns.

1. The ocean was quiet as ___ drifted through the water, the sails of the boat unfurled like the wings of bird.

2. And then --- was falling, the waves crashing against ---'s body, as ___ desperately tried to reach the surface.

3. ___ walked slowly along the meandering path. A crashing sound echoed through the cave. Dust flew through the air, blinding ---, as they finally blinked to discover the cave had collapsed around them.

Dialogue Beginnings/Inspiration: (No Description, random dialogue for any scene you desire)

1. ___: "I told you, ___! I saw a ghost last night outside the tower ___ (character 2): "You're hallucinating, dear! Come here, and clean up."

2. ___: "You know, I've always thought roses were pretty little things. Now, I'm sure they'll look amazing when their stained in your blood!"

2. ___:"I love you, ___! I love you so much it hurts!" ___(character 2):"Stop! Stop saying that! I...I know it's not true. Please. Please stop saying that.."

Action Beginnings: (First-person, Descriptive.)

1. Fury. Pure, burning fury was seared into my mind. I gripped strung the arrow back and let it loose, staring idly at my victim.

2. My fiance laced --- fingers together with mine, leading me towards the altar. This could me the best decision of my life, or the worst.

Image inspirational beginnings: (Pictures to look at for inspiration.)

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