A Cup Of Poison
A Cup Of Poison poison stories

lovelace123 Imagine~
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A quick draft full of ideas. The story's beginning was an idea from a while ago.

A Cup Of Poison

The moment Queen Harriet lifted the goblet to her lips, the fate of a kingdom was decided...

The tantilizing aroma of wine drifted through the air, laughter ringing out from the guests as they drank and ate heartily. Several nobles were drinking the wine and more than a few were drunk. Lord Monson was obviously drunk and flirting shamelessly with a pretty servant girl while many others were following suit.

Queen Harriet observed the scene with a raised brow, enjoying herself as she brought her goblet of wine to her mouth. She called over the servant girl when her cup had emptied, letting the girl scurry to the kitchen for more wine, before the queen turned to King Jon of Arlan.

The two spoke for a few moments then the whole room froze as they heard a clang. Everyone turned to see Queen Harriet: dead.

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