Big Girls Don't Cry

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First story so it might not be great lol.

Big Girls Don't Cry

by loveisloveislov

I am often told that it's ok to break

It's ok to shatter, to cry, to shake

But I can't help but wonder if things will be alright

They already aren't, so I keep my pain out of sight

Mommy is dying Sister is crying Depression is a shell surrounding our home

Their lives are at risk. And I'm here to hold things together To build a dome of strength so that the walls don't cave in

But I'm dueling inside my own mind My own demons don't want to subside But I can't get help Unless I want to bring the house down faster

Suffering in silence Swallowing my pride For the sake of keeping them alive

I don't want them to die So I've learned one simple fact: Big Girls Don't Cry

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Who ever told you that lie Big girls do cry they may not let anyone see it but sometimes the bad memories just leak out of thair eyes Stay strong stay safe A great poem