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I could not wait to make part 2 so I just whipped something up if you have not read the first please do!

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Our love Part 2

Chapter 2: Secret is out!

Ava hoped off Audrey quickly before they came in. Audrey started blushing really hard.

"Oh, hi James. I didn't know you were coming!" Ava said curiously.

"Oh, you too. Idk you were here either. Sup Audrey!" James said.

"Hi..." Audrey said shyly. "nice top."

"Thanks, you too." James walked out of the room with Tucker Ava's brother.

Ava took her phone out and put it on camera, Audrey kissed Ava's cheek and Ava took a picture and send it to Audrey.

Both set it as their backgrounds on the phones.

"I wish we could run away."

"We can, we can go to Seattle, WA," Audrey said happily.

Audrey left the house and went home to pack her stuff while Ava started picking things to bring and pack luggage with her parents knowing.

Audrey came back to sleepover at Ava's. Soon they both sneaked out until...

"girls what are you doing?' they figure moved closer to the flashlight. It's Ava's mom, they are totally busted. Ava was really scared of what her mom was going to do.

So did Audrey, she was in total shock. Ava's mom asked again.

"What are you girls doing? It's midnight!" She said sleepily.

"Mom we can explain..."

"Mrs. Ringdal, we were just heading out to Seattle!" Audrey interrupted. Ava was soon blushing really hard, so hard she felt super warm. Ava Held Audrey's hand.

"Why and how?" Mrs. Ringdal said, "You don't have the money you both are only 16."

"16 with money mom!" Ava said angrily.

"We both love each other! Oops!" Audrey started blushing. Ava started to calm down on the blushing. Audrey showed the picture they took earlier to Mrs. Ringdal.

She was shocked by her news.

"If that's what you want then that's fine with me, but does anyone else know? Ava's mom got very curios suddenly.

"...How long have you guys been together? Do you get ship names if so that means you have been together for a few weeks? Tell me what is going on!"

"Mom! We have been dating for a while and no ships yet. No one knows but you, Mom. Please don't tell Mrs. Garcia and Mr. Garcia."

The girls were really worried about them being together.

Ava thought about not getting the chance to have an adopted child with Audrey.

Or worse.

Mom got mad and happy for them but mad that she never knew. Soon mom left to get them food for the road. Then helped them load the car and said their goodbye's.

Since Ava only had one parent, she never really needs to say goodbye twice.

Then they left, Audrey driving and Ava wondering what will happen next to the girls will they be together for life or not.

"Were here!" Audrey said loudly to wake up Ava. Ava yawned and said.

"We are? Wow! This place is great!"

"I know I went online and picked the perfect home for us to stay. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, one living and dining space, and one kitchen! plus a backyard!"

Ava was super happy that she had Audrey. Her short brown hair with her bright smile and hazel eyes. Audrey was happy too!

Ava had dirty blonde hair with a gorgeous smile and pretty looks. Audrey just wanted to keep Ava forever. As a toy, you kept when you were small.

All Audrey wanted was to have her first romance with Ava.

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