Fight of childhood
Fight of childhood abuse stories

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This is a story on how some adults do abuse to their kids and its on the POV(point of view) of the abused kid.
I dont think i did good at all so if you like it please let me know! It will really light up my day!
If you ever see child abuse please contact 911 for the sake of our children. They are our future and they light up our path. Bullying is wrong also but its not as bad as abuse is tho.
Like abuse in genral is bad and if you see it online it might be roleplay depending on the app or website you see it on. But please do the honor of saving this land.

Fight of childhood

When you make your noise

I run and im scared

I try to block out your voice but it still lingers

I don't know what to do

Im making fights in school

I lost all my friends

I can't hide from the pain

I make a fake smile

Just to pass the day

Your like a crinamal in my eyes

Theres no place for me to hide

Your deep in my soul

I caint fight anymore

I wanna die

No one will care

If i end my life

I want out of this tragedy

This un breaking game

This world of shame and doubt


My only time

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