You can’t come back
You can’t come back stories

lovedbyscars My smile is hiding my scars
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Have you ever had just to big of an argument it’s your best friend that it just wont ever be the same again?

You can’t come back

I remember when you were the first person I told everything to

I remember when you held all my secrets

You made me feel like I finally had a friend who cared about me

Who wouldn’t turn around and cut me

Wouldn’t break all of are promises

But I was horribly wrong

You turned around and stabbed me

To me times for me to count

But I never got a sorry

Insead you said you thought it as someone else

I was bleeding out on the floor and you didn’t try and help

You watch me bleed out

You told me it was my fault

You wanted me to come running to you but I ran away

To a friend who would help me

Not watch me die

I get up every morning, the first thing I see are all the scars

we will never be the same

you don’t care

You are having the time of your life without me

Now you want me back

Want me to give you everything and not get nothing back

But we will never be the same ever again

I know how to get out of friendships that are only for the other person

I realized I deserve good friends

Cause I am one of the best you can have

To bad you stabbed me

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