Loyal, Now, and Always
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lovedbyscarsMy smile is hiding my scars
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Loyal is what I am and wil always be. It might not always be what guys want but I will stay true to myself.

Loyal, Now, and Always

Everyone says they know me, I am no different than everyone else who walks these halls

But they don’t know that every scar that people had left me with

Only made realize that loyalty is the reason for any type of relationship to either crumble or thrive

Every boy that told me I wasn’t for them

That I am just not their type

Well I am sorry that I won’t tell you Iike you and go kiss another guy

Sorry for believing that liking someone is more than the way someone looks

Sorry for actually liking you for being you

I am sorry that you would rather have someone who lies about who they are then someone who stays true to themselves

But I am not sorry for the way you fall into the trap after people warned you

I will just keep looking

Cause I know that their is some guy who will realize I am not like all the other girls

That I mean it when I say “I love you.”

I always stay true to myself

I know my worth and what I deserve

I will be their for him day or night no matter how how small or big the issue

I will be Loyal

I will be the girl he had been searching high & low for

And he will be the guy I had been searching for high & low

And I will stay Loyal to him forever

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