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lovedbyscars My smile is hiding my scars
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Ever given your all to someone just to realize that they didn’t give there all to you? Well here’s a poem about a girl who had that happen.

Dreams to Darkness

The passion she had kept to herself for so long was finally shared with someone

Trust that finally felt like it would never be ripped from her sole

Loyalty she didn’t know existed

Lips that fit like the final piece of the puzzle

She had found her first real love

She had been living in her dreams

Her eyes soon opened to the darkness

Everything seemed to be gone

The tape and glue that kept her whole became sand

Nothing fixed it

She tried night and day

Rivers constantly filled her room

She had lost him

The guy who made her feel safe

He could take away any problems with one hug

But not anymore


He caused sopping wet pillows and puffy eyes

Her heart built walls higher than she ever imagined

Her sparkle in her eyes was gone

He had made her realize love wasn’t worth it

She fought for him every way possible

But realized he didn’t want to fight for her

She gave him to much power

To much trust

To much love

To much of her heart

He had made her think of all the spots of herself that could have caused it

He didn’t feel the same love

The love that you would do anything to keep and fix

So she had to find a new way to love herself

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